Introduction: Jk Jeep Paracord Handles

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So I wanted to buy grab handles for my JK but I have been really bored lately, and I'm super cheap. So I learned how to braid paracord. I played around with paracord for a little while so I am not sure if it is completely right but it works for me.

Step 1: Stuff to Buy

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so I got enough paracord for 2 handles and I got 4 shackles.

Step 2: Stuff You Need

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So you need to have scissors and a lighter and something like a pen or something like that.
scissors for cuting the paracord.
a lighter or match for burning the ends of the paracord so it keeps it from fraying. I used a torch to heat up the scissors to burn the ends and cut. it gives it a clean look.

Step 3: Measurements

measure the roll bar and how long you want the handle.

Step 4: Start the Braid

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so I made a mental note that kept me in order.
1.white cord over the center.
2. white cord under black cord.
3. black cord under center.
4. black cord through white cord then tighten.

Step 5: Continue the Braid

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5. white over the center.
6. white under black.
7. black under center.
8. black through white then tighten.

Step 6: Adding Color

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I put a 3rd cord in the center of the braid since it's not for strength you can just add it when you want. once it's in the center fold it up then continue 2 braids. then fold it back down to the center. continue 2 braids. keep the pattern and you can add some color.

Step 7: Finishing

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once you are close to the end wrap some leftover paracord but up into the center and continue to braid. once you are to the end you can use the pen and tuck the leftover paracord into the braid. and then you can trim the rest of the paracord with the scissors. done.

Step 8: Adding the Handle

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now adding the handle is very easy. find where you want to add the handle in between the two wraps. instead of knotting around the shackle weave it in the side of the wrap's braid. then continue the braid and repeat. now you done with a solid jeep JK paracord handle.


AZSobo (author)2017-03-27

What size shackles did you use?

amberrayh (author)2015-05-14

Thank you for the paracord braiding instructions, but what is a JK?

dlarocco (author)amberrayh2015-05-18

a JK is a jeep wrangler 2007- present the model number is JK

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