this bag is made on straight needles, US8-10, depending on your preference. wool and novelty scraps are used; it is made in strips and then sewn together. after it is in one piece, a ruffle is added to the top to pull it together. any handles can be attached, but fun beaded ones are the best!
Kimmy132 years ago
This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
Tudeetu4 years ago
These are such adorable bags. I'm making them for Christmas presents. Thank you for a wonderful idea for using those skeins that don't have enough yarn left to make a project or wearable item.
lady555 years ago
Hi, Please could you send me the pattern.  Love it.  lynne_johnson@fwuk.fwc.com .  Thank you very much.
J_B6 years ago
I do not see any instructions or any useful information I see only photos. Is there something I am unable to view here....puzzled. would really love directions in a pdf if you could. the bags are awesom
grandy597 years ago
Could you line this purse?
Nice! They look very fuzzy.
What a resourceful idea for yarn scraps! With my enormous bag o'scraps I could make a GREAT BIG bag! ... Er, maybe even a bedspread! : )