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Introduction: Josephine Knot

The josephine knot is my favorite knot ever. I learned it while making a macrame plant hanger at Craftcation 2013 and I have been addicted ever since! You can use it to make bracelets, pretty up straps on bags - all kinds of things.

The josephine knot seems delicate and complicated - but I promise it's super easy to do!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

All you need is a pair of scissors and cord. The best cord or string for this is a thicker, more rigid sort. Hemp works great - paracord and nylon are nice too!

Step 2: Cut Your Lengths and Tie Them Together

Cut two lengths of cord - mine are about 50 inches long. This gives you lots of room to practice with. 

Double the cords over so the ends line up. Tie together the top loops.

Step 3: Loop the Left Cord

Take the left cord and loop it under itself as shown.

Step 4: Overlap the Left With the Right

Take your right cord and place it over the loop of the left cord.

Step 5: Right Under the Left

Continuing with the right cord, carry it under the end of the left cord.

Step 6: Over Under Action

Now comes the tricky part! The photo will explain this much better than I can - we will only be moving the right cord here.
  1. take the right cord and carry it over the left cord that is coming from the knot up top,
  2. the right cord under the next length of the left cord,
  3. the right cord goes over itself,
  4. and then under the last bit of the left cord.
Basically over-under-over-under from left to right. :)

Step 7: Tighten It Up!

You can alter where it sits on the cords by tugging and pulling. You'll get the feel for it as you go. :D

Tighten it by pulling the ends. Congrats! You've just completed a josephine knot.

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i have one question what does it mean you have to pull it till you get the feel

Thanks, Hannah

Once you have it all knotted together, you'll need to pull the cord ends to get the knot to sit in place correctly! You'll be able to tell where the right spot is by the tension in the rope - once you can't really pull it anymore, the knot should be nice and flat. :)

Great tutorial. I knew how to do one knot, but couldn't figure out how to do multiple. thank you for your assistance.

I have watched 5 YouTube videos, read a few instructions - and it wasn't until your pictures that this stitch became clear to me. You using two different colors and simple steps made it so. Thanks!

Awesome Tut, thanks! I've been looking for some projects I could do with my chinese knot cord and i found this. Adding this to my favorites!

I love this instructable thank you so much

Two is easiest, but if you have a thick string, you can do it with one. :)

Ok! But how are you gonna do with one?