Just Started With My Ballmachine *Claustrophobia* [Cancelt]



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Introduction: Just Started With My Ballmachine *Claustrophobia* [Cancelt]

About: Hi!, I`m Levi I`m back building! and i play Videogames like Fifa 14/15

hi here some pictures of my ballmachine it will come on *i think* 29-03-2013  i start building it in  16-2-2013 



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    this is a old build i already broke this down! :) btw my coaster is almost done !

    awe, to bad :(

    But yay for coaster! :D

    haha this is really old! i already broke this down

    Zier gut. guten morgan!
    NO google
    I think it means
    very good good morning.
    cant wait for the new ball machine.

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    thnx but i already destroy it i`am goning to buld a new ballamchine

    Another one? Wheres the second. or do you mean the new 1 is the second.

    yes i already broke this ballmachine down and next week i`am going to make a new ballmachine Calls "Agoraphobia"

    i`am change the whole ballmachine :)

    Looks good so far! I like the shape of the floor. :-)