K'nex Rubberband Repeat Gun





Introduction: K'nex Rubberband Repeat Gun

this is a k'nex gun i found on irwinner's site: here. all design credits go to him, this is just the in-between steps (i think). also, check out my other gun mods. these include a sniper with this base.

Step 1: Make Parts

these are the basic parts, more in next step

Step 2: Make More Parts

make the other parts

Step 3: Construction!

puttin' it all together



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    Sry i didnt like it, the instructions are too blurry at the end and i cant see anything. if you can make it better it would be nice. and work on making it more sturdy. cause the whole thing falls apart when i put a rubberband.

    First, this was published over four years ago.
    Second, these photos are MUCH less blurry than a large portion of k'nex instructables on this site, may I suggest glasses? This may sound harsh, but I do believe "I can't see anything" is COMPLETELY ridiculous.
    Third, if it falls apart when you use one rubberband, you built it wrong. Last time I had this constructed from these very instructions I could load more than 10 on it, without issue.

    this the best of the best good job dude

    this is a awsome gun how did you get the idea

    hello this thing shoot a rubberband.
    i made this, its very good i got an update made by my self :)
    now its shoot white rods very hard..,,!!!!

    Please improve you english, I can't understand a word of what you just said.

    waht does it shoot just dqa bands or can u make it shoot knex?

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