Picture of k'nex rubberband repeat gun
this is a k'nex gun i found on irwinner's site: here. all design credits go to him, this is just the in-between steps (i think). also, check out my other gun mods. these include a sniper with this base.

Step 1: Make parts

these are the basic parts, more in next step
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produde884 years ago
Sry i didnt like it, the instructions are too blurry at the end and i cant see anything. if you can make it better it would be nice. and work on making it more sturdy. cause the whole thing falls apart when i put a rubberband.
agent harmsy (author)  produde884 years ago
First, this was published over four years ago.
Second, these photos are MUCH less blurry than a large portion of k'nex instructables on this site, may I suggest glasses? This may sound harsh, but I do believe "I can't see anything" is COMPLETELY ridiculous.
Third, if it falls apart when you use one rubberband, you built it wrong. Last time I had this constructed from these very instructions I could load more than 10 on it, without issue.
this the best of the best good job dude
the knexman5 years ago
this is a awsome gun how did you get the idea
ferlando885 years ago
hello this thing shoot a rubberband.
i made this, its very good i got an update made by my self :)
now its shoot white rods very hard..,,!!!!
Please improve you english, I can't understand a word of what you just said.
lewismarsh6 years ago
waht does it shoot just dqa bands or can u make it shoot knex?
hobo lord8 years ago
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FARTmaster8 years ago
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blaine19968 years ago
it doesnt fire very well so could u make a mod 2 help this, thank you.
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agent harmsy (author)  blaine19968 years ago
it depends on what rubberbands you use, if they're too big, there will be no tension, but if too small, they wont stretch far enough. play around with a few sizes until it works well.
Pax4158 years ago
Cool Gun, Check out my rubberband gun.
C:\Documents and Settings\Fischer Family\My Documents\My Pictures\Paxon's Photos\2007-08 (Aug)\DVC00020.JPG
cj81499 Pax4156 years ago
agent harmsy (author)  Pax4157 years ago
interesting idea...
unstoppable6 years ago
does this fire knex pieces i am a noob
Check out my mod of this gun! It shoots Way further and faster. http://www.instructables.com/id/Super-DistancePower-Mod-to-knex-rubberband-repea/
fgfhf7 years ago
i really liked the pictures they where easy to look at unlike the other ones
dont mean to sound like a total NOOB but is a rubberband gun a gun that fires rubberbands or a gun that uses rubberbands to fire other stuff like knex rods?
they can do both.
Mini gun7 years ago
People would pay to see this!
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bedbugg28 years ago
killer788 years ago
whats that black knex right there
its THE knex rbg
gunmanx8 years ago
hey wen ever i fire this the rubber bands get stuck and they juz stay on the thing and dont fire but wen i fire my last rubber band they all come out at once wat do i do to stop this
agent harmsy (author)  gunmanx8 years ago
you need to load from the back, otherwise that will happen. to put more on, pull the back piece down while holding the spindle and move back to expose the unloaded rods.
09 monk8 years ago
it slips under pressure
baney8 years ago
Sweet gun man, it took forever to build but it was nice. The only problem with he gun isnt realy a problem... the fireing lock isn't very strong, so if you hold the fighering thing still and keep adding rubber-bands and let go its -fully automatic-!
knex r us8 years ago
I think that this is a really kool gun that is awesome because it has a basic design which means u can add lots of mods like a larger stock. now i am tryiong to submit an instructable on mods for this gun. it will be up as soon as i get a cable for my digi camera
gunmanx8 years ago
this is a rubber band gun is it?
DIRTYSHOTZZ8 years ago
oi bob post your rocket luancher plz
agent harmsy (author)  DIRTYSHOTZZ8 years ago
will do
Jaxsun8 years ago
also where are your aother mods for this base you claim to have?
agent harmsy (author)  Jaxsun8 years ago
sry, working on it
here irwinner instructable for his gun from his web site with the butt stock.
Hey yo Ive posted a reloading knex target. Check it out under my instructables. Tell me what you think!
hobo lord8 years ago
Oh it is the semi auto rubber band gun. I also doubled the locking mechanism because it always slipped off under high tension
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