Keep Celery Fresh for Weeks





Introduction: Keep Celery Fresh for Weeks

If you're anything like me you buy celery with the best intentions and then a week later it's soft, oddly colored and a little funky. I love celery, but I just don't use it all that often. This is a trick I found on the internets for keeping celery fresh that actually works!

Step 1: What You Need:

It's simple! Two things: - celery - aluminum foil

Step 2: Prepping

Chop the top and bottom off the celery! Save these bits in a ziplock bag in the freezer - they're amazing for stock making.

Step 3: Wrapping + Results

Once the ends have been trimmed off, wrap the celery tightly in aluminum foil. All you need in one sheet - don't go crazy with it :D It'll just make it frustrating to get out later and won't change how well it works. The celery to the right of the wrapped celery in the second picture has been in my fridge for about three weeks now and it's still perfect! I'm really impressed with how well it works and I think I'll keep doing this forever and ever.



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    been trying to avoid aluminum product as much as I could, research shows aluminum in the hair of Alzheimer victim.

    Aluminum has nothing to do with Alzheimer's.

    Aluminum cookware leaches into acidic foods when cooking; shorts out the neurons in the nervous system; autopsies have shown that to be true.

    Popcorn in a bag does put metalic salts into the popcorn as well.

    "Aluminum cookware leaches into acidic foods when cooking; shorts out the neurons in the nervous system; autopsies have shown that to be true."
    Aluminum does not short out neurons in the nervous system (as opposed to where?!?) and autopsies have shown nothing of the kind.
    Neuroscience is my field, and nothing you wrote is true.

    It all depends on who you talk to. For example if you talk to the foil industry, that is what they will say. Even some "independent" medical research will agree with what you said. For years that is what I knew until I started to read a few medical reports (not internet hear say) and some autopsy report. I am not the one to decide if ,Aluminum has anything to do with Alzheimer but let just say after reading those reports, I'd rather be on the side of caution. Google is your friend.

    There is no empirical evidence, independent or otherwise, that supports this contention. There is not need to consult Google. I worked
    In the field of neuroscience, and keep up to date on the research. The aluminum issue was out to bed a decade ago.

    Mother used aluminum cookware for many years; it got pits in it if a acidic food was left in it.

    That has literally nothing to do with whether or not Aluminum causes Alzheimer's. It doesn't.

    You could be right, I still doubt it though... :-)

    Well, it really is not an issue of right or wrong. It certainly could be that all the evidence is mistaken, and that aluminum actually does play a role. The fact is, however, that currently there really is no evidence at all to support this hypothesis. What few studies have been done that suggest such a link have either failed to be replicated, or have multiple interpretations that fail to definitively indicate any role for aluminum. In addition, the positive results of trials of drugs that interact with amyloid plaques and/or neurofibroid tangles, that have no known interaction with aluminum, also point in a different direction.