Picture of keep your wine cold on the cheap
in the summer time i like to enjoy a bottle of chilled pinot grigio as i'm reading a book on the balcony. i get tired of getting up to refill my glass but i want the wine to stay cold. here's how i do it on the cheap.
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Step 1: The starting lineup

Picture of the starting lineup
we've all used a coozie for soft drinks, beer cans and bottles, etc, but what about wine? why not?

take a look at the lineup of coozies i've collected from around the house. there are two types of materials used to make these four coozies. the two on the left are neoprene, the two on the right are some sort of thicker foam rubber i don't know the name of. who cares? we want neoprene!

why neoprene? simply put, it stretches more. wine bottles are bigger than your average twelve ounce can. the foam rubber coozies will not stretch enough to be useful with a larger bottle.

also, note the two different types of neoprene coozies. on the left is a pretty straight forward can coozie. the pacers coozie on the right is what's known as a jersey coozie. it is made for bottles. it slides over the top of a bottle, instead of having the bottle slide down into it like a basic can coozie. see the close up.

for this instructable you will need one of each of the neoprenes. check liquor stores, sporting events, etc, for places to buy coozies.

Step 2: Implementation

Picture of implementation
wine cooler I.jpg
it's easy to see after looking at the pictures.

the basic can coozie is stretched over the bottom of the wine bottle while the jersey coozie gets pulled over the top. the result is a well-insulated bottle of chilled white wine. the neoprene should return to it's original shape if not left on for hours and hours.



Step 3: Bonus!

Picture of bonus!
beer cooler I.jpg
if you want to keep a beer cold longer but aren't ready to drink it yet, use two coozies. easily fits 16 ouncers.

those foam rubber coozies come in handy too!

meowzebub5 years ago
just curious: is "coozie" a regional variation of "cozy" as in tea coozie? or is it a portmanteau for booze cozy?
callmeshane7 years ago
Fanks to err ahh Koliks Nonmus, I'm gunna be sober ummmmm week after next. Ummmm you wana drink is style.... blind rotten pee your pants on the banana lounge drunk..... Get a GOOD big foam box that doesn't leak..... or what the drunks of Australia call an Esky, and put all your booze in it. Fill it with ice. Try and put the lid on. If the bottles are too tall, then lay the yet to be drunk ones out flat and cut a hole in the top for the upright drinking bottle. "Drink from a glass??? - there is plenty of glass in the bottle....."
countrybob7 years ago
What about a "Box" of wine.....
pdub77 (author)  countrybob7 years ago
buy a cooler, i guess.
Good idea, I like the covers with the jerseys, those are cool. :-)
pdub77 (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
thanks, dude. did you see my revisions for the moonshine instructable?
Nope, but I'll go check it out right now. Oh yeah, nice guitar by the way, I saw it in the moonshine Instructable. :-)
pdub77 (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
my roommate built it. it's his. i'll tell him you like it.