Knex Arm Cannon




Introduction: Knex Arm Cannon

i am not going to post it because it is really straight forward and u can make it from the pics

it is pretty good but you have got to pull the trigger a lot to make it fire
still is a good gun thingy



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    that made no sense at all

    IAC owned you............................

    Dude your such a hypocrite...

    how? IAC's cannon can shred this thing up (but still, its pretty good)

    The fact that you say you're underestimated, and that you don't have enough parts, then you post bad comments 'bout peoples guns.

    most of the time, its because its a block trigger, otherwise, its because it was copied off someone else's gun.................

    No, most of the things I've seen you 0.5 were true triggers, you always complain about my pic quality, and most guns you complain about are nearly original.

    give me one example of a true trigger that i gave a 0.5. If there is one thing I learned about knex guns, its, just because it has a true trigger doesnt mean its good............ and about your picture quality, i can barely see what you are trying to build, that, coupled with your pictures being smaller than normal, but you arent the worst offender for small pics

    My TGKT entry!, lol, but seriously, I had a low quality cam when I posted my shi-poopy pistols, and I can't post good quality vids because youtube won't accept them, so I have to use quickcapture, which greatly decreases sound and video quality.

    no, i gave that gun 1.5*, then i changed my rating to 5* when you got a new video