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i am not going to post it because it is really straight forward and u can make it from the pics

it is pretty good but you have got to pull the trigger a lot to make it fire
still is a good gun thingy


DJ Radio (author)2008-12-13

that made no sense at all

DJ Radio (author)2008-10-26

IAC owned you............................

yerjoking (author)DJ Radio2008-11-02

Dude your such a hypocrite...

DJ Radio (author)yerjoking2008-11-02

how? IAC's cannon can shred this thing up (but still, its pretty good)

yerjoking (author)DJ Radio2008-11-02

The fact that you say you're underestimated, and that you don't have enough parts, then you post bad comments 'bout peoples guns.

DJ Radio (author)yerjoking2008-11-02

most of the time, its because its a block trigger, otherwise, its because it was copied off someone else's gun.................

yerjoking (author)DJ Radio2008-11-02

No, most of the things I've seen you 0.5 were true triggers, you always complain about my pic quality, and most guns you complain about are nearly original.

DJ Radio (author)yerjoking2008-11-02

give me one example of a true trigger that i gave a 0.5. If there is one thing I learned about knex guns, its, just because it has a true trigger doesnt mean its good............ and about your picture quality, i can barely see what you are trying to build, that, coupled with your pictures being smaller than normal, but you arent the worst offender for small pics

yerjoking (author)DJ Radio2008-11-02

My TGKT entry!, lol, but seriously, I had a low quality cam when I posted my shi-poopy pistols, and I can't post good quality vids because youtube won't accept them, so I have to use quickcapture, which greatly decreases sound and video quality.

DJ Radio (author)yerjoking2008-11-02

no, i gave that gun 1.5*, then i changed my rating to 5* when you got a new video

ninjusk (author)DJ Radio2008-10-26


DJ Radio (author)2008-11-02


ninjusk (author)2008-10-26

oh ya it gets 60 feet also i made it one day when i was bourd

ninjusk (author)ninjusk2008-10-26

so it will not be the best still it was a cool try fro a cannon

Skreetsha (author)2008-10-26

Doesn't look all that, but i'm sure it will function good :) 4.5 stars.

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