Step 5: Make Your Wall Tall.

Next use your thumb and index finger tips to build up the wall from the base. Build your wall up from the bottom but keep a firm base so that your wall forms more of a vertical wedge with the wide base on the bottom. This helps keep the Sugru attached firmly to the surface.
<p>How nice what great crafting! https://x22snowboarding.com/custom-stomp-pads/</p>
Unfortunately, Sugru is hell expensive for little pieces of putty.<br>
Try this! https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-Your-Own-Sugru-Substitute/
This is one of the most amazing instructables in this site.<br>I'd consider using one of those squarier looking, fixed-lens cameras for a smaller and sleeker looking product, but the fact that you can throw the camera lens-first to the ground and just watch it bounce off just amazes me.<br><br>How has this been holding up? If sugru is so easy to remove when cured I'm sure a couple pieces have already fallen off.
Sugru is too expensive =(, is there a similar cheaper product on market?
hi, we have given sugru to Instructabels for prizes so if you enter competitions you could well get some for free :)
Fun idea!<br />I should do this to my cameras as I'm always dropping/breaking it. :-/
awesome, would love to see the results :)
If this was done with a water proof camera I think it could make the ultimate unbreakable camera!
yeah, that sound like a great idea :)
Do it with the new HdPro
y ded you change the name<br>
it's a kids camera so I thought it was more appropriate to say awesome :)
I was wondering what to do with my sugru... Thanks for giving me an answer!

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