Picture of kid friendly fluffy tutu!
Ever feel the need to don a fluffy tutu?
I'll teach you how to make one comparable to tutus sold in boutiques.

They are SO easy to make, I don't know why people spend so much on them. I've seen some for $60+!!!!

Step 1: Gather these things

Picture of Gather these things
All you need to make a smashing good tutu is:

1.) Measuring Tape

2.) Tulle (2 colors)
- 4 yards of dark pink and 3 yards of light pink tulle are used to make the pink tutu pictured in the intro.

3.) Elastic (Non-Roll)

4.) Needle and Thread (Any color that won't show through/matches the tulle.)

  • Optional things can be, but are not limited to:
Ribbons (Shown on the finished pink tutu.)
Artificial Flowers
Additional Colors of Tulle
pikachu204 months ago


mwall42 years ago
that's actually really cool! I'm going to make one for my dog now :D
5w5w5w5w5w2 years ago
OMG this is such an adorb coustume!
emeraldjcm5 years ago
thanks so much for submitting this!!  I'm making a tutu right now for a fairy costume :)