Introduction: Kid-friendly Halloween Ghosts

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what you need:
a sharpie
a light bulb
white embroidery string or thread

Step 1:

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take 3 tissues and make sure they are unfolded

then stack them on top of each other 

the tissues should still be unfolded

Step 2:

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now you need the light bulb
place the light bulb up-side down on top of the tissues

Step 3:

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now fold the tissues around the light bulb

after you have done this you should only be able to see the small end of the light bulb

Step 4:

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now you need the white thread
it should be long enough to go around the light bulb about 5 times
once it has been cut you will need to make the knot shown in the pictures below

Step 5:

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now slip the loop you just made with the string over the fat end of the light bulb
pull the rest of the string tightly but be careful not to rip the tissues

Step 6:

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now take the sharpie and make a face on your ghost

Step 7: Kid-friendly Halloween Decorations

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it also helps if you tape the string to the back of your ghosts head to help it look better and then hang it up for halloween


rodneybones (author)2012-09-30

Ping-pong balls.

Justinph5 (author)2011-10-20

For an even more kid friendly version, we used to wad up a couple of tissues, and use those as the inside of the ghost, instead of a lightbulb. Safer for young ones than handling a bulb.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2011-10-20

That is a really cute kids project! Great idea.

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