Step 4: Cut and angle seat

Picture of cut and angle seat
The seat can be as wide as you like, I made mine a little wider on my rocking chair to accommodate a few stuffed animals as well as a person. Because the seat tapers from front to back we need to make a few cuts to ensure a good fit.

After cutting out the rough dimensions of the seat (13"x19") I measured 1/4' from each side of the seat back and cut with a chop saw, giving the seat a taper from front to back.

Next, the seat edges need to be tapered to allow the seat to fit snugly in the rocker sides. I used the seat taper cut-offs to angle the table saw, then ran the seat edges through to cut a slight taper into the seat, flipping the seat over to taper the other side. The seat now tapers from front to back and from bottom to top. The taper for the back of the seat that meets the back rest is done later.

The seat back will need to be the same width as the back rest, we'll look at the seat back in the next step.
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