don't buy harmful flea powders or drops that only last up to 2 weeks any more! if you dog or cat is infested with fleas pour jhonsons baby powder on their coat and comb through fur, really good. you may need to repeat in some cases. start from head then work you way down to tail, DO NOT POUR ON DOGS FACE !!!!!!. if you start from the backside  first they will rush to the head making it more difficult to kill them. for carpet, first start to pour on the outside rim of the carpet traping the fleas then quickly start covering the rest of the carpet. let set for about 10 minutes then vacumme. TIP: when putting it on the carpet pour closely to the carpet so it dosent poof in the air.   ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS? JUST ASK.  for beds  do the same as the carpet then use the attatchment shown below on your vacume to remove the powder.
<p>From my experience, this does work, but you have to keep on top of it for it to work. Also, just put baby powder or borax in the vacuum bag/canister, for added effectiveness, you don't have to throw out every bag after every vacuuming. Also don't listen to fear mongering(below). Baby powder isn't harmful to pets, unless you feeding it to them, or letting the snort it. My cat has lived 12 years through thos &amp; I do it once every 6-10 days. Also, a link between talcum powder &amp; cancer? By now with all these studies they do they should just state living causes cancer. Supposedly about everything causes cancer, from talcum powder to burnt food. Oxygen probably causes cancer-since it's a free radical. It's stupid to believe every supposed study they do. Heck I bet fleas cause cancer as well!</p>
what if the cat has sores from scratching? is the baby powder still safe?
<p>KryssErin...I would advise you to put triple antibiotic on your kittys sores, Not only will it help heal faster...it won't hurt the kitty and it will seal the wound and should not be affected by anything you put on it topically. I know this is 3 years later than your post...but hoping this will help anyone who reads it. Thanks!</p>
<p>Talcum powder is Toxic to cats!</p>
well I wouldn't recommend it. but for sores, you should use a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide to disinfect it, then when its healed you can you the baby powder:)
<p>I am sad to say that as nice as this would be, this is not a happening thing. While a number of things can kill live fleas (powders, borax, and certainly diatomaceous earth) flea eggs remain viable for up to two years. You have to kill them on the animal, kill them in the environment, remove the eggs and prevent reinfestation. It is next to impossible to do except in a closed environment without chemical interference. Baby powder smells great and is safe and surely won't hurt your pet unless you overdry the skin or the animal inhales a good deal of it. And vacuuming does help but only if you immediately snatch the bag out, drop it in a plastic bag and spray the hose of your vacuum with a chemical solution while you run out the door with the bag. It's a never ending cycle. My experience is twenty two years of keeping a pack of Collies and a multitude of other furred animals in Florida, where fleas drink Malathion as a cocktail. Your local Department of Agriculture is usually happy to assist you.</p>
<p>You actually don't give the remedy in your blog reply..........What do you use?</p>
<p>Do NOT use Baby Powder on cats! </p><p>Talcum powder, made from the mineral talc, is the primary ingredient in <br>baby powder, many adult topical powders and some pet grooming products. <br>If inhaled or swallowed, talcum powder can poison a cat. Meanwhile, some <br> studies link talcum powder and cancer. </p><p>Also, If you use Borax Laundry Additive (NOT Boric Acid! Boric Acid is a completely different chemical) to kill fleas in your carpeting, it is advised to keep your cats away from it. Cats are highly sensitive to powders they might breath in and also can get very sick or die. Do NOT put Borax on your Cats or Dogs.</p>
<p>Diatomaceous earth is one of the best non-toxic flea remedies there is. Check it out. Make sure you use food grade only though. You can use it on your pets too.</p>
<p>Roach kill aka boric acid (not to be confused with boarx) is the only thing I found that works. Pour on carpet along edges of highest traffic areas. Vacuum up 1 day later. Reapply to same area, vacuum up 2 to 3 weeks later and you'll be rid of flees.</p>
What's the active ingredient/reason it's effective? Is it just repellant to fleas? or does it dehydrate them like using salt or that special dirt/soil stuff? I use gold bond powder on my dogs when they're itch crazy, as per my vets advice..I wonder if it's got the same effect as the baby powder? <br>Hmmm.. HATE THESE BUGGERS! Another night of jumping at every tickle 'till I have something to get them out of the house tomorrow. :(
well this is effective :)
Can you do the same with pillows? thnks
yes, but make sure you use the vacume attatchment to suck up the excess powder so your not breathing it up your nose. a more affective way would be to put a unused green tea bag in your pillowcase. this will repel the fleas from going near your face at night.
Have you ever tried borax for carpets. It works. How safe is powder with cats?
pretty safe just don't let them scratch you when you do this

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