So you got your new Kindle, but it doesn't come with a protective case.  You could buy one of course, but for 5 dollars and in 20 minutes you could make one that has tentacles!

Step 1: Materials

4 tentacle sponges from Dollar Tree ($4)
1 CD book with zipper from Dollar Tree ($1)

needle and thread
Instead of using the zipper, you can actually use some velcro. Great instructable :D
Hey quick question i want to get my sister a nook tablet and i would love to make something like this for her what would be the best way to go about doing this?
Brilliant!<br>Not that I have a Fire, but it looks incredible!
doesn't the zipper scratch the screen?
Its a good question but I haven't had any problem so far<br>
Nice! I think you can get larger pieces of tentacled cloth at WalMart in the automotive aisle- it's commonly used for washing cars.<br><br>The case doubles as a cleaning cloth for the screen!
Oh cool, I love tentacle cloth so much. I'm going to check that out.<br><br>Yes, you're right, the tentacle cloth makes a good screen cleaner too, good point!

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