Picture of Kindle Fire tentacle cozy
So you got your new Kindle, but it doesn't come with a protective case.  You could buy one of course, but for 5 dollars and in 20 minutes you could make one that has tentacles!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
4 tentacle sponges from Dollar Tree ($4)
1 CD book with zipper from Dollar Tree ($1)

needle and thread

Step 2: Cut things up

Picture of cut things up
cut open the sponges along one edge and remove the sponge inside.  Cut away the flat scrubby backing cloth.

Trim away the excess seams from the tentacle side.  You'll wind up with 4  5" x 4" squares of tentacle cloth.

Cut apart the CD case and extract the zipper.

Step 3: Sew the tentacles together

Picture of sew the tentacles together
Sew together the tentacle sections from two sponges. 

Push back any wayward tentacles so they don't get stuck in the seam you're about to make.

stitch together the tentacle clothes from the front side, carefully keeping the tentacles out of the seam
flip it over and reinforce the seam from the other side

Step 4: Finish the tentacle envelope

Picture of finish the tentacle envelope
With tentacle sides pressed together, finish up the side seams with needle and thread.

Add the zipper.  You only need about 5 inches of it, so you can cut away the excess and just sew the end closed.

Yay, cuddly protection for your kindle!
fragg3r2 years ago
Instead of using the zipper, you can actually use some velcro. Great instructable :D
to'barr3 years ago
Hey quick question i want to get my sister a nook tablet and i would love to make something like this for her what would be the best way to go about doing this?
nelsnils3 years ago
Not that I have a Fire, but it looks incredible!
jamesruss163 years ago
doesn't the zipper scratch the screen?
foobear (author)  jamesruss163 years ago
Its a good question but I haven't had any problem so far
Nice! I think you can get larger pieces of tentacled cloth at WalMart in the automotive aisle- it's commonly used for washing cars.

The case doubles as a cleaning cloth for the screen!
foobear (author)  Mark Rehorst3 years ago
Oh cool, I love tentacle cloth so much. I'm going to check that out.

Yes, you're right, the tentacle cloth makes a good screen cleaner too, good point!