King of Knex Grenades





Introduction: King of Knex Grenades

correct me it im wrong but ithink this is the best knex grenade out here

blast radius:6 metres

peice :about 50 pieces

im realy not into knex guns cuz i suck at making them so i decided to make this :D

Step 1: Making It in One Whole Step :D

ok in this step you will be making the whole grenade

pic 1: the pin (this will make it easier assembling it
pic 2:make 2 of these
pic 3:then add one on to the pin
pic 4:add the 2nd one on but make sure the red conectors are facing down
pic 5:make six or five of these it doesent realy matter
pic 6:make these
pic 7:add them
pic 8: add 1 of the grey and snowflake ones
pic 9:then add the rest
pic10: make 1 ,this will be the top
pic11:then add it

Step 2: Throwing

all you do is when your ready you just take the green conector off and take the pin out the your ready to throw



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It isn't the best, KillerK's and many others are much better.

Can I use your sharpanel for my grenade? I'll give credit!

sorry not innotive at all, has been done manyy times before 1.5

it exactly the same but use the same concept most people are lookin for new ideas if u no what i mean, and maybe im being a bit harsh i'll change my rating to 3*

lol u r not the noob at posting ibles i am i avnt even posted any (cos ic an't be arsed lol)