My cat is always wanting to get way up on top of the high cabinets in my apartment. So, why not build her a kitty ladder!

This idea is inspired by this one: http://www.thecatshouse.com/

Step 1: Stuff You Need

some soft carpet or rug. I chose a cheap rug from Ikea for $15.00.

1x2s from Home Depot are pretty cheap at 87 cents a piece

drill (two drills is best, one to hold the drill bit and one to hold the screw driver bit)

coping saw

measuring tape

scissors for cutting carpet

hot melt glue gun plus about 6-7 sticks of glue

wood screws (I used drywall screws which are just as good)

Some bits of metal to secure it to a cabinet at the top. I found some of those metal things that are used to block up the unused pci slots on a computer. They probably have a name, don't know it though.

A good place to get carpet is the dumpster of your local carpet installer / wholesaler. You can usually find fairly large remnants, and almost always new. Great way to keep it from the landfill.
yes your right, the cat in the picture was SUPER cutr!:-))
wow cool idea!
i want to tunnel cats throughout house, i was disappointed in the cat house mentioned above, the book does not detail much...on HOW to do.....<br><br>I also had the idea of tunneling them from room to room upstairs above ranch, under the roof but above the ceilings............ does anyone have ideas, I'm searching all these sites for ideas, i bought small squared hardware cloth but maybe there is an easier way....<br><br>i would like them to be able to go to several rooms yet not be &quot;loose&quot; in the house, have to have cat litter stops available and also cant let them get outside due to coyotes.
lol, talk about catwalks!
TOO&nbsp;CUTE! I love the purple couch! I think the carpeting on the ladder is genius.. we just use a metal one at our house... <br /> GREAT&nbsp;JOB<br />
LOL!&nbsp; My cats started climbing the ladder to my loft bed so they could sleep on ME!&nbsp; (It's the IKEA&nbsp;metal one, plain ladder, no carpeting.)&nbsp; I never thought of making a cat ladder just for them, since they apparently have no trouble whatsoever getting exactly as high up as they want to be (hanging plants at about 5 feet off the floor, with nothing underneath, and no curtains or window screens to climb - just as an example!). Yes, they still climb screens - started with the patio sliders as tiny little kittens.&nbsp; So, while I&nbsp;love the idea and appreciate the art involved in your project, I&nbsp;don't think my particular critters need any further assistance! LMAO!<br />
I put the catfood up in a loft so the dogs couldn't eat it and within a day the cats started going up and down. They are going straight up and down an old funky orchard ladder, nothing as nice as yours. It never gets old watching them on the ladder and they seem to like it too. Great project, now how do we make the spiral cat staircase in the other picture? That's super cool!
sorry, I just noticed the spiral staircase isn't in your house. Cool pic though, thanks for including it.
im totally gonna make this thing except like stairs and a cat walk in my room. my cat is gonna love this and play with it all day. i might like make a little swing to go with it. this kicks butt, thanks!
I have always wanted to make a kitty sky runway, of sorts...this is a great idea! (As were the links to the Japanese home, wow)! I figure if old kitty won't use it after I go through all the trouble of creating and making this, (as only a cat will do), a new younger rescue kitty would be just the one to teach an old cat new tricks!!!!
there's a whole website devoted to cat ladders ....<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://catladder.blogspot.com/">http://catladder.blogspot.com/</a><br/>
omg, how awesome. I had no idea! the spiral ones are the coolest
while i'm at it...<br/><br/>there are loads of cat design/make ideas here:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.moderncat.net/">http://www.moderncat.net/</a><br/><br/>this house is just genius:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.moderncat.net/2008/10/08/unbelievable-cat-friendly-house-design-from-japan/">http://www.moderncat.net/2008/10/08/unbelievable-cat-friendly-house-design-from-japan/</a><br/><br/>and finally, is this kitty-heaven?<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.thecatshouse.com/index.htm">http://www.thecatshouse.com/index.htm</a><br/>
lmao! thats so funny. my crazy cat jumps on the counter then on top of the fridge and then on those cabinets above the fridge.
I love that the cat had a very typical reaction at the end of it. My cats only enjoy one thing that I've made - and I made it for me. I have to fight for the floor cushion most days. :P
That's so cool! Great idea and OMG I love that purple couch! *squeals*
ooh thanks! I got the couch from Uniq Images in Berkeley. I love it too! :)
Thank you! This is great, and the other stuff in your house is fantastic! If you could share a bit of info on how the other kitty things were done, my furry housemates and I would be very grateful!
Oh sorry, that last photo there is not my house, it is a picture of my inspiration for this. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.thecatshouse.com/">http://www.thecatshouse.com/</a><br/><br/>
Thank you, I should have read the notes before I commented. Thank you for the link, and for the ladder idea. I'm definitely going to make one, and hopefully will be inspired to do more. If you do make the kitty bridge, please put it on here, too!
that's a very neat idea i'm gonna try it for my little cats; I made something like this for my rats before they love it, so maybe my cats will to.
However, if you see your cat carrying this towards the kitchen, it is time to padlock the fridge LOL I was thinking about things like this also, but have rejected most of the ideas ( kitty helicopter, kitty rocketship, kitty merry-go-round, etc. :-) Seriously though it is a cool idea.
I love this! I think it's really terrific. What a great way to incorporate something functional and art-like into your home. Favorited and a +1 from me. Very cool.
Ah thanks, you've made my day. Now I'm motivated to do the kitty bridge! =)<br/>
Yay! Keep them coming, I say! I really have always wanted to do something cool for my cat, but I, like you, never wanted to take something totally huge on that would cost a ton of money. I really like this idea and I eagerly await the kitty bridge!

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