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the newst crawler i have done. it also was the best out on the rocks. if at less 10 people want to have instrustions i will post it after next week. tell me what you think


kevinandbelma (author)2017-04-21

instructions please

_boogeyman (author)2013-10-25

Instructions please??

stevenator2000 (author)2013-10-16

Post instructions PLZ

the_boss_builder (author)2012-06-21

just realized this, is the title supposed to be, new, knex, or as it is?

Matrix-technician (author)2012-06-11

Very Kewl. Definately a fave of mine. I want instructions :)

TSC (author)2012-06-09

Nice man!

the_boss_builder (author)2012-06-05

nice=D 4.5* it has great articulation (duh) only i wish i had those motors are they actually knex and were did you get them?

Yes they are actually knex. They're from a collect and build set which can be found here.

forgot to mention instructions please!

jingo69 (author)2012-06-07

BTW what's with the Lego piece? what does that do?

jingo69 (author)2012-06-07

could you make instructions please?

jingo69 (author)2012-06-04

That looks great! 4.5*

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Bio: i am a bmx fan .love knex
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