i have not put anything on instructables in a long time, so i built this it does not steer but it does have rubber brand suspenion
this is sweet man. looks just like it. i built a 2011 GT500 and its great. i didnt post it yet though
it is not a mustang its a ac cobra<br>
you know that shelby made a mustang that looked like the old one
other way dude <br><br>FORD=SHELBY<br>DODGE=PLYMOUTH
no shelby is a type of ford where as plymouth is owned by dodge but cannot be used as a package on one car so really; <br> <br>FORD : SHELBY ; DODGE : RT <br>or <br>FORD : MERCURY ; DODGE : PLYMOUTH
i know it aint a mustang. i said that I built a mustang
I agree with the foofinator, but the rest is outstanding! 5*
ya its ruff but i can make it better
-also you typed suspenSion wrong
instructions plz
Cool! Do you have GT5? Theres on in it. I got mine up to 706hp.
Nice. The back end needs tidying up a bit, but otherwise that pretty realistic.
It looks remotely like a 1959 corvette, but I definitly see a cobra in there!! Good job!!
cool <br>
you are right i have not posted anything i a long time.and good job
that looks slik!

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