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    I just saw this...I noticed all those trains in the background of the first picture. Are you a model railroader too?

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    Yeah, i cant do as much with them because of lack of space, i do have a track going around my ceiling.

    Ah, I see it now. I have an HO layout, but it isn't scenicked yet. Maybe after that I'll post some pics (that would be a while though)
    Nice to see another train fan! ;-)

    me and my dad were thinking of puting some wallpaper like thing around the edge to make it look more like a city, and i had a HO layout on a sheet of plywood, and for the train going around the ceiling we had a 10 amp transformer running it but it became sluggish in the farther parts and we recently got a 15 amp and still needing to wire it up, and im tempted to run 2 sets of wires to the far connections due to the length.

    Nah, I really wanted to make one as a personal primary.

    no problem!

    That's alot of good stuff, I subscribed XD

    nice mini nar and double turret thing.