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this is my brand new 2011 Shelby GT500 Mustang. it has an engine (model). it also has scissor doors, a hood that opens up, and a trunk that opens up. hope you like it.


Doc Penguin (author)2015-02-22


knex dude 2000 (author)2013-03-04

Fab.sweet finish to the car,sorry I said Aston Martin on your other instructables I meant Porsche … Epic

thanks. porsche it is

TyphoonCar (author)2012-07-06

i think its very realistic
nice work ;)

thank you, i appreciate it. more models coming soon too

ben5795 (author)2012-04-24

yeah man lamborghini doors sweets

thanks, and yea i love scissor doors

the_boss_builder (author)2012-03-17

dude that car is sick but i agree with DJRadio i can tell it is a mustang but theres really no other special stuff to set it apart

thank you and ha, yeah i agree too ;)

Seleziona (author)2011-01-16


thanks. i got an updated one coming very soon with a better roof and better front

cupcake43 (author)2011-01-11

roof is a bit plain but the rest of the car is awesomenes

thanks. i took off part of the roof before i took pics of it. thats y it looks so plane. but i changed it now

TheFoofinator (author)2011-01-10

I say... Post! This is one of the few detailed cars.

thanks. ill think about it. i still have to make a few changes

Please do. something to change- make the rooof a tad higher.

yea i already changed it. i have to perfect it before i make an instructable out of it. ill probably make another slideshow of the updated version

lukas rider (author)2011-01-10

needs more roof, and bigger wheels

i know. i was in the middle of changing it. it did have a more detailed roof, but i took it off right before i took pictures of it because i didnt like it.. i dont have bigger tires unless u send me some

~KGB~ (author)2011-01-10

looks sik!

thank you. i gotta update it though, make a few changes.

no prob. kool

k-n-e-x(leaved ibls) (author)2011-01-10

looks cool you should post

thanks. i have to edit it first, make a few changes on it

DJ Radio (author)2011-01-09

While this car looks rather nice, it does not look like a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. It's still not that bad a model though.

i still have to make a few changes to it but thanks for your feedback. i appreciate it

brammeke11 (author)DJ Radio2011-01-10

I agree

beanieostrich (author)2011-01-09

That car looks pretty realistic for being knex. I think that might be the first mustang on this site!!!

thanks man. i still have to make a few changes to it though

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