Knex 4x4 Crawler

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Introduction: Knex 4x4 Crawler

this is the knex crawler i've been working on...uhm i cant remember names right now but the diffs and the universal joint used on the drive shaft are NOT MINE i just put them to work but they are most certainly not mine
feel free to mod i like that
front is 2 link suspension with a panhard bar...haven't yet worked out a way to set up shocks...again, feel free!
i didn't have enough parts for rear panhard, and the wheels were put on custom, you'll have to use w.e ones you have in your set

knexsuspensionmaster96  made the cv joints
Forsterimages  created the diff, i just modified it to make it locked



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    Such compact universals! And how on earth do you get those diff gears to mesh!?

    those are not differentials. they're just gearboxes that connect the drive shaft to the axle.

    Wondrous post. 4x4 crawler is very pretty for children to play a games. how to make this? i think it would be better invention and interesting for a person maker. i want also a guidance from you which is very important for me.

    not bad! not bad at all!
    it looks a little flimsy though...

    to be is lol
    i just threw the frame together so i could show it
    it still needs work but it does hold together
    i put another panhard bar but faceing the other way, i might put up some mods in the next couple days,
    the diff is the biggest thing as the gears dont like to mesh well

    hey!!!!! I made that joint on 2/10!!!!! stealer!!!!!!! check out my slideshow, you will see!!!!!!!! (i made the slideshow a month after i made the joint)

    He gave you credit.........

    So why are you hatin???

    i forgot that i answered his question about a knex joint