Knex 5 Pound Gatling Gun.





Introduction: Knex 5 Pound Gatling Gun.

very big and strong gatling gun. works very well. made by Givadanger.

just to let you know, there have been 3 other instructables on this gun . this is the orignal not some copy of someone elses work.

Step 1: Base

this took me a long time to make from the few pictures of it.

Step 2: Barrel

you need to make 8 barrels.

Step 3: Drive Rod

make from the pictures.

Step 4: Putting It Together

put the barrels on the drive rod.

Step 5: Loading and Firing

1. move blue gear. pic 1

2. pull back rams. pic 2

3. load yellow rods. pic 3 and 4

4. move blue gear back, turn motors on and push triger firer( thing on the side). pic 5

Step 6: Crank Atachment

first build the back.

atach with green rods insted of yellow rods.

then atach the crank.



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I have to say, coming back some years later (I made this instructable in... Middle school I believe and I'm in college now) I can't help but laugh. It somewhat amazes me that I look at it now and I can see how bad it is, but when I was in Middle School I looked this thing over at least 5 times to make sure it was perfect.


can you put 1 motor on it? i have just one!

Um, sorry to say I don't actually know, I haven't had this built for some years now. But, what I do know is if you do build it and find that one motor doesn't work for whatever reason, you could always mess around with some gears a little bit on it. I don't know how long you've been building with K'Nex, but if you were to say attach a small gear to the motor and then use that small gear to turn a bigger gear on the barrels, that could give you more power (though it'd turn slower)

And honestly, when I first made this I didn't even have motors on it, just a crank on the end which is easy enough to make and just as much fun ;)


u really need to post how many of each piece is needed to make this, like a parts list so that way when we build it we can go out and buy all the parts to build it beforehand it would make it much more convenient.

Sorry, in hind site I probably should have added one, but It's been years now (5 in fact judging by the dates in the pictures) and I don't have the gun anymore to count the pieces.

Sorry. But while I can't give you an exact number, if you just count how many connectors you need for one barrel, multiply it by 16, that should give you a rough estimate of the pieces needed. You probably have enough parts already to build the entire base assuming you have the two motors needed. I'm fairly certain I would work with just one, but if you have two then you can be certain you'd be able to get it working.


I just finished a auto-machine gun with 1 rubberband and 1 motor, but the range is quiet silly ( 4 - 6 feet ) and there is just enough space for 4 bullets

you should stuff the barrels with as many green rods as you can, giving you... THE SHOTGUN GATLING GUN!!!

Iovin' the profile pic dude! :) do u play reach? whats ur gt?

Yeah, I play reach. I'll send you my GT in a PM, I don't want any spam.