Introduction: Knex 8-shot Semi Automatic RBG (rubber Band Gun)

Picture of Knex 8-shot Semi Automatic RBG (rubber Band Gun)

this is an 8-shot semi auto rbg that i made after looking over some other designs. It uses the 8 cogwheel rubber band gun fireing mechanisim that lots of other ones use.

Step 1: Construct These Parts

Picture of Construct These Parts

You will need these peices: (numbers are approximate)

green 15
white 3
blue 12
yellow 4
grey 8

green 17
white 3
blue 2
yellow 10
grey 12
tan hubcaps 6

Step 2: Add the Barrel to the Body

Picture of Add the Barrel to the Body

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Step 3: Add Cogwheel

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Step 4: Add Side Parts to the Body

Picture of Add Side Parts to the Body

Step 5: Add These Other Parts

Picture of Add These Other Parts

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Step 6: Add the Rubber Bands

Picture of Add the Rubber Bands

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Step 7: Add Duct Tape

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Step 8: It Should Look Like This

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Step 9: How to Load and Fire

Picture of How to Load and Fire

Put one rubber band on the tip of the barrel and stretch it back onto the white rod on the cogwheel the is straight up. the while holding the cogwheel release the handle part a bit forward and pull the cogwheel back until the next white rod touchs the handle bit and reapeat. To fire it, all you have to do is use the rods on the cogwheel at the bottom of the gun as triggers. Pull it back until it fires and the handle should stop it from firing the whole magazine. However if you put on about 6 or more rubber bands it can sometimes fire 2 or 3 rubber bands at a time. So put a little bit of pressure onto the handle when you fire.


guitarmonk15 (author)2010-11-02

cool... instructions (pictures) not the clearest in the world, but I could figure them out well enough

rexdino5 (author)2008-07-22

Hey this doesn't work...

Yukondano2 (author)rexdino52009-08-15

I'm not quite sure this dude's account is quite.... active. Btw, i'm still trying to get this thing to work, I don't know where to put the rubber bands.

Yukondano2 (author)2009-08-15

Why do we need duct tape?

lewisbirch (author)2007-10-29

looks a cool gun but im not a fan of rubberband guns they kinda suck. Heres one i made it pretty cool i tried to change it to rod or bb shooter it didnt work

GUN MASTER (author)lewisbirch2008-11-02

thats what u think i think there fun so yea

Madrias357 (author)GUN MASTER2009-06-09

Agreed! I made one that's not Knex, but that's just for durability. I have nothing against Knex, I just don't like how easy it is to break the guns made with it. That said, I'd have to say that this one could be a little better. It's not bad, but not great, either.

hatae55 (author)lewisbirch2008-09-10

why not try to make it into a crossbow w/ a clip? that might work

Danny (author)2006-12-16

in my experiance guns that fire elastics dont work but guns that fire rods do make this fire rods then ill give it a + rating

alfpwns (author)Danny2008-08-28

mine RBG firs bands and rods

Bitterberry9 (author)Danny2008-07-12

i agree

josefu0 (author)2008-08-25

it better it works and has a handle

zsnower (author)2008-07-26

it doesn't work

bounty1012 (author)2008-07-03

this gun didnt work well

twzoom (author)2008-06-17

Hey Kickback, you should put my escapement trigger (click on my name, it's the only one there) on your gun and modify your sprocket with green rods, it will allow you to shoot one rubberband at a time plus it hardly ever missfires.

i make shooting things (author)2006-12-21

i hate his your pictures suck. and the gun shoots them all at once.

u put them on in betwen the white rods not all together

i made the gun and mine fire perfectly. you must be a lousy constructer, squirel boy!

well then u have to use better rubber bands on the handle

knex freak101 (author)2008-01-21

i build and it would NOT shoot

bradleyJOHN (author)2007-11-09

worst iv ever seen

pates1 (author)2007-07-27

I made an RBG K'nex gun (no offense) but i like mine better.

killer6 (author)2007-07-03

lol, i've build this gun to but i've changed a few things. Now i can switch it from semi- automatic to full auto :P

jfero32192 (author)2007-02-07

so, me and my friends like were doing all this stuff with rubber band guns, and he like customized it and it fired pieces mad good. You just gotta pull the band back and load a piece into like the thing. lol and then its fires madd gooddd

skwurul (author)2006-12-26

I wasn't able to make this gun because I couldn't see 3/4 of the pictures. Could you, I dunno, either get a better camera or take better pictures? -_-;;

steel$ (author)2006-12-18

boes this thing shoot rods or rubberbands

kickback (author)steel$2006-12-23


bunduk (author)steel$2006-12-23

Hello look at the design which can be obtained by averting your gaze 10 centimetres upwards :)

bunduk (author)2006-12-23

I agree with danny

crestind (author)2006-12-16

Very detailed instructable, although I'm not a fan of rubber band guns. It does look cool though.

nick.z (author)2006-12-16

nice gun.

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