this is the knex AK-47. it was made by SGT.

great power
good range
true trigger
good feel
ram does not need tape
looks cool

no mag.
not semi-auto or full-auto like a real ak
the front of the barrel bends somtimes

please comment!

instructable for a mp-44(stg44)

Step 1: Stock

this is important. this part holds the gun together.

Step 2: Ram

this should be easy to follow.

Step 3: Hand Guard

this part should be easy to make.

Step 4: Part on Top of the Gun

i don't know what to call this part. it is the part on top of the gun.

Step 5: Barrel

this is different then the original barrel on SGT's AK-47.

Step 6: Handle

this is the second to last part.

Step 7: Trigger System

this part makes the gun a true trigger.

Step 8: Put the Pieces Together

look at the pictures to connect the pieces.

Step 9: Mods

any mods i make on the gun i will post here. https://www.instructables.com/forum/TZJQS59FAWRI6Y4/
that is not a ak 47!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)
uhm dont want to be rude but isn't it an ak in place of a ak. <br>i shouldn't be the one who is saying that because my english isn't very good, because im from holland &gt;_&lt;
30000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% correct
ya good gun but not an ak47 though
agreed its really bad
that looks like a ak47-u
good as a first gun maybe but useless in war or anything serious
I don't think any knex gun is any good use in war... :P
:) I meant Knex gun war hehe
great 5.0 modded it to be a sniper
how do you shoot it it <br /> <br />
what kind of ammo should I use
I usually used red rods.
that doesn't look like a ak47 or the mini one.
well i like the original barrel attached on the frame of a gun. but what i dont get is why most people hate block triggers... if it looks nice and shoots well, what is then the problem with a block trigger?
This doesn't even look like an AK. This is an M16.
This is how to make an automatic assembly. I have not tried this, but in theory this should work. Get the red 32 tooth gear, the one with only half the "extended-teeth" (the ones that stick out from the side of the gear) from the "Drop-n-Swing" and attach it to the same axle as your firing mechanis,. This will be a white circular piece with a rod connected to it. basically, the gear with only be spinning half of the time, so during the time its not engaged, you can use a tied, or glued rubber band, this will cock it back automatically. Use a stronger rubber band for the firing of the bullet/rod. If you've seen the red half-toothed gear you should understand this. I may make an image later, but msg me if you need help. I may make an instructable for it - the concept sounds like a winner.
actually, thats the system i used in my tank. this gun is way to small and the mech is way to weak.
this makes no sense! (7th picture)how this gunna work you got to explain more
P.S ds man this is pokemonchill with the rocket launcher idea. I got it working and when I shot I broke my nose in recoil. got to fix that I think... nah (joke.) anyway hope you didn't forget me and think I'm a hobo, (I still don't now how to rivet message) heres my new account peacefullbow nice ring... OK by for now! pokemonchill/peacefullbow ;-)
rivet means privet!
(popeye voice) oh, yeah you think you can type, uh? hahahaha<br/><br/>WHAM!!!<br/><br/><h2>lolololololollolololololololololol</h2><br/>(still popeye) uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh<br/>
gOoD NamE!
It's actually from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
ATHF RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!@@!!!!!
DR WEird? or popeye?
dr weird- it suits you
thank you
hi ds man its pokemonchill again I finished the you know the &quot;&quot; for the cross bow? well I want to let you post it with my name in it k? il try to post it in a link on a instructabe of yours that you and I every really comment on smell ya round pokemonchill =}<br/>
lets talk in pm's. i don't fully understand what you are saying.
blue berries and bananas
Doesn't look too good. I'll be honest, it looks BAD. But, do looks matter Not when it's THIS powerful. 5*
LoL the mini airsoft ak47 is funny.
You probably bought that airsoft gun from shorty usa, right?
Not mine, it's dsman's
how would you go aboout not using a ball joint?
then pull the block trigger.(push the white rod on the fake handle up. )
can u make an untrue trigger with out the ball joint because i dont have it
me too. change plz
me three

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