Knex Agram 2000 (A2000)





Introduction: Knex Agram 2000 (A2000)

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This is the Agram 2000 SMG, it's a 9mm Sub Machine gun, I based it off the Farcry3 model, after that I made it more realistic. I made the Farcry3 20Round mag and the real curve mag(which I guess would be ~30 rounds) because I wanted to build the real and Farcry version

Grip: Dr. Richtofen



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    please do not ask things on my post, go make a forum about it.

    I havnt posted in years and im just getting back into it

    I just posted so yes, I haven't had that much time for knex, and when I build stuff I didn't feel like posting it because I hate using the ibles app and the guns I made up untill now weren't good enough imo

    scratch the An, I've got an CMMG MK47 Mutant lying and I have vacation so I'll post it soon

    The Stock mentally destroyed me
    I wanted for the gun to remain as realistic as posible and the barrel ate most of my pieces, so the stocks really crappy ;-;


    and I looked into the jackhammer,

    I'll have to turn it down, I'm probally going to make an AK/AN style gun, not a saiga, I wanna try an AN-94 :/

    you building anything lately?

    Yah actually, I have a full auto working gatling gun that I will post this weekend! I might even do instructions.

    I already told you this, but it looks great!
    Only thing I'd fix, is maybe the back. That big hole could maybe filled in a bit.