Knex Ak-47 :-})





Introduction: Knex Ak-47 :-})

I made this gun trying to make an m14 carbon but it ended up as a ak-47 it's magazine doesn't work and it has a block trigger. I am trying make a true trigger but I really don't need it because my finger reaches this extension I made but if any one has any ideas please tell. comments are appreciated ask for instructions if you like it I might post



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    that kooks so amazing and complex to make! your guns are so cool! one I really liked was the Z3

    plz u have 2 post that

    Eventually, it has a new stock now too that isn't in that picture, looks just like the real one.

    Whoa Awesome

    Yeah, but it is single shot, has low range, and the ram pull and trigger breaks a lot. However, it has ridiculously high accuracy due to a new mechanism I came up with in combination with the sights

    looks nothing at all like a ak 47. Or a m14 carbine.

    More like an ak-40 FAIL. Sorry man, but it looks nothing like an ak-47...

    it looks like a dead animated dog.