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This is a PDR with a breach Loading firing mechanism and adjustable sights it shoots quite far coming in at about 30-35 feet.
Looks good in my opinion
fires well
breach loading
adjustable sights
decent pin pull
front sight could be better
no magazine
Credit to: Red Book Of West march


sandroknexmaster (author)2015-12-14


CorgiCritter (author)2015-10-05

Nice work, but give Red Book the credit. The stock is his, no doubt about it, as is the front sling attachment point, breach, and trigger. All from his breach loading PDR.

Sorry, but don't say this is yours without giving credit.

Thank you and I have change it now.

Well done. :)

Thank you! :)

Linkin_J_Knex (author)2015-10-04

This is great! And I got early access to it :D

Thanks dude !! haha ?

Kona-chan (author)2015-10-04

Nicely done,
tho, in my opinion this would classify as PWR/PDW (Personal Defence Rifle/Personal Defence Weapon) due to the choice of magazine you made and it's compact size
leaving that aside, it's an overal fun looking gun and I personally think seeing how you build this, that you're gonna go far within the world of knex guns!
Keep it up and don't let anybody tell you different!

knexcreator141 (author)Kona-chan2015-10-04

Thank you! I couldn't decide wether to call it a pdr or smg.

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