this has to be the best gun i made and since i just got my cast off i could build again so i started to build and i came up with this.the gun is 3 layers thick and has a hidden gun in the stock a safety 8 round mag , folding stock, and working hoppup.CONGRATS TO ME THIS GUN WON THIRD PLACE AT MY COUNTY FAIR YEAH

Step 1: Outer Layers

this is how to build the outside of the gun.first build these

Step 2: Insides

insides build these

Step 3: Stock

this is the stock/second gun

Step 4: Assembily

how to put it together

Step 5: Loading

just make 8 bullets and put them in and u guys should know how to put gumbands on here
not bad, ive seen better 4* :)
at my county fair you cannot enter lego, knex, or snap together models.
congrats on 3rd i always enter in the lego division of my state fair normaly i get around 2nd or 3rd if im lucky ill get a first but last year i hit the jackpot with a BEST IN SHOW!!! YA INTERNET HI-FIVE TO VADER111!!
i made an extened mag should i post it it holds 19 rounds
county fair??? details explain plz!!
well i entered this in a fiar wich is yearly and it won 3rd place foor open class first was a big ball tower
nice folder. you do know that you could use ball socket connectors instead of broken greys, right?
It seems like a good concept, but it isnt that great. Also, it seems like the gun in the stock would just shoot you.
thats why it cant be cocked back whaen the stock is down
The hopup is nice and is a first for k'nex guns, but where is the safety? Anyway, this looks pretty unique, I will be looking forward to your guns in the future.
the trigger is automaticlly the safety when the grey connectors r up it is on safety when down it is off not bad for a preteen
All right.

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