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Introduction: K'nex China Lake Grenade Launcher

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*Edit*  at the last few pictures I made the gun somewhat longer. I'm still working on it but when I feel it is done I'll post.
If you have any critisism on the gun, please be clear about what you think should be better

This is another knex gun I created.
Recently I made Shadowninja31's MP5K, and I wanted something else when I removed the Handle and the mag I thought this looks like a grenade launcher! so I started removing and adding parts and this came out.
If you want the working pump you'll need those black rods you can do it somewhat different, if you don't want it to move.

I give credit to:
Knexguy ------> I used/ modified his stock
Shadowninja31-------> the inside of the gun is based of his MP5K
and anyone who thinks he needs credit

 Well, lets go to the pro's and cons

- (!I think!) it looks good.
- Good power/range.
- Has working pump, but with no function.
- Mag fed.
- Nice sights. (now foldab

- Hard to load a shot since the ram rod is in the stock.....
- Sometimes shoots two rods instead of one (but it gives it more a grenade effect.)
- Non-removable mag (but the real thing hasn't got one either.)
- Not (very accurate.)
- Two broken white rods are needed.
- Maybe a little small for some people

feel free to ask any questions .
I'm thinking about posting it so if alot of people want me to post I will.



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    Respect holmes.

    You got alot more creativity than others.

    Mite want to make a step-by-step for it.....

    1 reply

    Thanks! Instructions have been up for a while, its more for looks than actual shooting though.

    Looks like a combonation oh the Magnum from Halo, and a P90 from COD.

    gast ik heb van iemand gehoord(en hij weet die shit)
    dat dit gwn een tumper heet eue"

    2 replies

    Een Thumper heeft een knikmechanisme en de China Lake heeft een pomp mechanisme. Dus volgens mij is wat ik hier heb een China Lake.

    t heet officeel een thumper, de chinalake is een bijnaam, in werkelijkheid heten ze allebij de thumper, alleen dan met een knikmechanisme of een pomp

    the con " Not (very accurate.)" i think is almost a pro, because this gun is legit never accurate.. xD

    This is a cute little gun. I like it!

    Wierd in what way? (And thanks.)

    I will relax!
    But not just now I'm really buissy

    sorry about that i just like grenade launchers take you time

    I wasn't agry or something but it wont be sped up by asking much. I'm really loaded with schoolwork, so sorry about delay.

    just can't wait to build this when he post it