Knex FN Fal Assault





Introduction: Knex FN Fal Assault

About: i like to make knex guns and to play on my xbox 360 and i really like to dance (breakdance)

here is newest project
this is i think the first knex FN Fal
it's got a nice stock with ram guide
comfy handle and grip
it is 6 layered / 8 by the grip
it's got a 20 round bleu size mag
i putt a scope on it 
 but you can also make a red dot sight or a holografisk sight
anyhing you like

tell me what you think
if the slideshow get the rating above the 4 i will post insstructable
plaese be honest
thank you



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    Admittedly the FAL was a Battle Rifle but Assault works just as well.

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    Hot first photo of the gun...

    i would be happy with instructions as this is very nice

    POST POST hem man :D het is echt een goed gemaakt :D goed gedaan!

    Wow the FN Fal is one of my favourite weapons and you did an excellent job! I hope you will post it, the only thing that is a little off is the stock. It should be a little more angeld like in this pic.

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    it hard to accurately recreate slopped angles with knex without the whole butt stock (excuse the reference) being out of alignment with the gun

    yeah i know, there is another FAL with a slopped stock but that FAL is too small.

    make it and we will fix the trigger

    I am waiting for instruction!

    how come you haven't posted yet?

    i will
    but i just can't fix the trigger.

    so if u make the instruction it gives us time to try to make a new trigger so it can save u time and stuff just post it plz plz plz

    the best rate u have yayyyyyyyyyyy , i will make it at soon as it comes out

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    You do know this was made 11 months ago?

    if you make it try to mos or change the trigger because it didn't work that well and it can stand much power.

    if you mod it please send me a pic or something, myself can't do it becuase i'm to bissy with school (exam) so...