Ok this Is My Entry For The TNKIT Round 3

So The Instructions should Be Easy But I Will Add Notations Were Needed

Ok so lets Get Building =)

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Step 1: Make the Parts

Just Follow The Pictures If You Get Stuck Then Post A Comment and I Will ge To It As fast as I Can   

That's frikin' cool, bro!
Haha my neighbor made one of those out of knex once. He said he posted it here, but I can't find it. Maybe he deleted it?
Haha. Nice one dude............................ :)<br />
This looks really good. But it looks like it can't pick stuff that well.
it can just not things that are too hevy&nbsp;
Cool, but you might want to add rubberbands around the claw parts, and maybe make it hook around towards the front, so it can pick stuff up better.<br /> *4<br />
they already haveround the tips of he claws
Oh, didn't notice. But I still suggest making it curve-ish.<br />
You should add a piece list and the stats of the gun or Pros and Cons<br />
its not a gun its a grabber
man.... why didn't I see that? anyway, it looks like a gun<br />
Cool! I like the look of the claw.<br />
thanks that took a long time to make them
yur welcome<br />
Awesome!&nbsp; Looks like a gun!&nbsp; 5*<br />
thanks man have you made it yet<br /> <br />
It takes lots of hype before I&nbsp;actually make something. &nbsp;I only made the BR8 because of all the hype it had, and I only made the ZKAR v2 because of people just automatically pitting it against my&nbsp;AR-4 v3.<br />
I like the gun though, 4*<br />
So good!<br /> <br /> The only problem I can see with this is the fact that the &quot;claws&quot; could be a bit more grippy. Other than that though, looks very solid. Nice one.<br />
thanks<br /> =)<br />
Looks good, I'm still stumped as to what to make.
this was like my 4th project for the tournement and then i thought of this and now i can chill and make other stuff
Cool, nice and simple, just as i like it. :)
thanks i tried to make it look as mutch like a real grabber as i could with knex so yes thanks
hahahhah<br /> &nbsp;that looks very funny!!!!!!!
ok why does it<br />

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