Introduction: Knex Huey or Uh 1 Helicopter

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This is the Huey helicopter.This helicopter was used in the Viatnam war.

Step 1: How to Build the Huey Body

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Try the best to your abilities to copy the body of the aircraft.It takes nine gray rods.Also six green conectors they are hard to see.

Step 2: This Is the Cockpit.

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This is the cockpit of the Huey it is very complicated.It takes four yellow rods.

Step 3: Tail

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This is the tail for the Huey helicopter.It takes 13 blue rods.

Step 4: The Roof and the Turbine.

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The turbine is made from blue rods and a white connector. 

Step 5: Final Step

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In this step connect everything together try to match them up.I'm am terribley sorry if some of these directions are not clear enough I am a little new to all of this i can't remember what to do exactly. Tell me if these directions if I can improve on them.


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