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The ironman4 years ago
i love it but is the frame tough
stopanator5 years ago
nice quad pod i love it
SonicX 226 years ago
please post cuz i wanna make it and mod it to be automatic
im morking on it right now once done i will post
update maxxxem is help me (maybe)
are you posting?
maxxxem (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak6 years ago
probably not it didn't function efficiently enough
maxxxem (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak6 years ago
fine i guess when i get some time i will rebuild it
if need be i can help
oh and make the v2
maxxxem (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak6 years ago
also im currently working on something like L85 and a later possability XM25 with LARGER calaber rounds i.e. 4 blue rods taped to geather any ill post it for you to mod.
maxxxem (author)  maxxxem6 years ago
error ill post the MK19 for you to mod and such
but can you post a fourm for them or put the in a comment
You should show instructions on how to make this.
maxxxem (author)  bannana inventor7 years ago
i have half an instrucrtable for this =)
Sweet!!! :)
wait it says u posted your comment on June 14, 2008 5:08 pm and his was posted on June 14, 2008 5:11Pm

maxxxem (author)  alfpwns6 years ago
alfpwns maxxxem6 years ago
could be
Could be
maxxxem (author)  bannana inventor7 years ago
That was fast too FAST
omg please say it is not just a single shot on a chain PLEASE btw post

nice job post

maxxxem (author)  Knex_Gun_Builder7 years ago
im posting a 2 in 1 instructable including this and something else that i wont tell you
post it i really like it
Awesome design, you may want to make the frame a little stronger though, other than that it's fine. :)
maxxxem (author)  bannana inventor7 years ago
i ran out of pieces=(
I like the design but when the firing pin goes through and hits the bullet, if the chain is in the way does it get nocked off of the gears.
maxxxem (author)  codemaster25907 years ago
actualy, the chain would not come,off but it would knock of the little gray conector
knexfan91827 years ago
wow! is it chain loading or manual
maxxxem (author)  knexfan91827 years ago
You can pull the chain into place, use a rubber band to make the gears spin the chain into place or use a wind motor to spin the gears.
I never heard of an M19, is this supposed to be the "Mk19" automatic grenade launcher?
maxxxem (author)  thematthatter7 years ago
look it up on google image
maxxxem (author)  maxxxem7 years ago
o crap yes it is soposed to be MK not M
we fired them in basic, my company XO thanked me because i was the first person in his lane to chamber and fire the weapon correctly.
nice post quad pod
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