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Introduction: Knex Pistol Instructions

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hi guys this is my M1911 pitol, Its the same as my other one but with instructions.This Pistol is ment for power and a bit of looks. Hope you enjoy

Step 1: The Body

on the second picture there are four white rods on the full circles. i missed one out you can put that in !!!!!!

Step 2: The Handle

i love this handle and in the future i will be using it alot!

Step 3: The Trigger and Firing Pin

this is a simple block trigger

Step 4: Putting It All Together

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19 Discussions

5 stars!!!! It is very powerfull but the accuracy is not the best

9 y/o son loved making this!

A amazing gun works perfectly any one who doesnt know put a yellow strait piece in the barrel(the front bit)pull the back piece till it goes past the trigger press the trigger it shoots

I made it!! It's brilliant.

Heeyyyy its actually awesome, instead of a red ram, use a grey, mine shot between 30-65 ft!!!!!

 just built it EXACTLY the way u put it in the instructions and i have a question. is it ment to shoot or break? mine just broke during the first shot