hi guys this is my M1911 pitol, Its the same as my other one but with instructions.This Pistol is ment for power and a bit of looks. Hope you enjoy

Step 1: The Body

on the second picture there are four white rods on the full circles. i missed one out you can put that in !!!!!!

Step 2: The Handle

i love this handle and in the future i will be using it alot!

Step 3: The Trigger and Firing Pin

this is a simple block trigger

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Dont like it.
<p>dolt its wonderful!</p>
Epic Fail.
how?... <br>
It's too generic, if you were to pull the trigger it looks like it would fall out of a gun, also it looks NOTHING like an M1911.
<p>9 y/o son loved making this!</p>
A amazing gun works perfectly any one who doesnt know put a yellow strait piece in the barrel(the front bit)pull the back piece till it goes past the trigger press the trigger it shoots
In what way is this an epic fail an epic fail is being hit by an rc car and falling this is a 5* build
<p>how do you make the trigger?</p>
<p>i mean realy i dont get it</p>
a great gun base. I added some things on to hold more ammo, and Improve the feel of the gun.
is my trigger the only one that hasnt broken? mine works fine.
I made it!! It's brilliant.
<p>Simple and effective. Range increased with grey ram as <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/Matthew_1400/" rel="nofollow">Matthew_1400</a> suggested. Needs some improvements for stability. The connector at the ram rods back can be changed so that it doesn't get into the barrel.</p>
<p>Heeyyyy its actually awesome, instead of a red ram, use a grey, mine shot between 30-65 ft!!!!!</p>
Change the trigger to different mechanism
I just build it.... <br> <br>1 star fail the trigger broke in my first shoot lol
3 Star *** <br> <br>not bad and dont put a mini rubber band <br> <br>put a big one
&nbsp;just built it EXACTLY the way u put it in the instructions and i have a question. is it ment to shoot or break? mine just broke during the first shot<br> <br>
I like teh magazine and sights you put on it
This is way too generic to be any good.

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