Knex Pistol





Introduction: Knex Pistol

 hi guys this is my first instructable and i hope you like it.this gun is fit able with a magazine (clip), and please coment



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its ok, i hade to modify it a million times but it works now

This is probably good for a sidearm. I did build it a year or 2 ago. But i used it for another gun. At one point, I had 4 or 5 of these pistols.

nice trigger but not so good on thy looks

Well, I can tell you that it's not an M1911 lol.

well its kinda close to looks and i made it have power

Sorry bud, but this is nothing like an M1911. If this is, then everything is. And as for power, this is no new concept or design. In fact, the ram isn't even being pulled back as far as it can so it's not using it's full potential. This needs quite a bit

i think this gun is totally awesome and it doesn't use a ton of peices and is easy to build. it could have a little more power tough!

lovin' it still though! ps i made it, but just don't have a picture of it yet!