Been playing a lot of black ops and decided to make the olympia. I forgot the real name. It has break action, 2 firing pins BUT THE PINS ARE ON TOP OF EACH OTHER like the real gun. doesnt look like it, but works like it. Any stock can be used. I use Trauts' mp5 stock. shots are also fired one at a time and not both.

PS: I dont have a real camera.
Can you show an better picture of the trigger? <br>I once wanted to make an over/under shotgun, but it failed..................................
i built this gun,and it works ok<br>
it doesnt really look like an olympia shotgun. <br>
Its not the best but feel free to improve on it in any way. More of a concept of a non-traditional double barrel. I made it using blue rods so it looks ugly. My intension was to make it work well before looking good.
meh... its not tha best
Rather bad.

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