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Introduction: Knex PS3 Game Holder

I have too many ps3  games for any normal storage to work. it had to hold all my games (well most of them anyways i built a lego holder for the left overs) and it had to be easy to see all the titles so i could find my game fast.i had a bunch of left over knex so i decided i would build is a guide on how to build a custom knex game holder

Step 1:

your going to need 
5 yellows
4 greens
4 gray connectors 
and any two connectors that you can attach pieces to horizontally 
for the first level

for any other level your going to need
7 yellows
8 grey connectors
4 greens (if you want to add another layer on top)
and any two connectors that you can attach pieces to horizontally

Step 2:

ok so to build the first layer you are going to need to build two cross pieces to hold the game up 

Step 3:

then to space them apart we need to put a piece in the middle

Step 4:

next we are going to add feet to it so if your little brother spills his kool aid it wont wreck the game cases

Step 5:

next we are going to add little green supports for the next level

note: the green pieces can be replaced with white ones to hold three games a level instead of just two  

Step 6:

and repeat to add more levels

for more levels i suggest putting a cross piece to the back 

Step 7:

build it up to as many game slots as you need (mine is 14 games)



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    Why is this on here, everybody already knows that you can build all kinds of temporary stuff out of this, you need to build a real project.

    Meh, we have morre than enough game holders on this site.