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I like making knex guns its fun but some times is like nothing to build but the hard to build guns.
I built this because I like black opps so much especially the zombies mode.
the best gun is

                                                      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE RAYGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Front Barrel

Picture of Front Barrel

really simple

Step 2: Back Barrel and Handle

Picture of Back Barrel and Handle

the barrel is easy but the handle is confusing

Step 3: Not Yet Added

ram rod      black, tan clip,orange piece.


knexingguy193 (author)2012-12-26

you should do 1 or both of these things, 1 you should make the ram rod. 2 you should mod the gun

aleceatsfood (author)2011-04-23

I like the last 3 pics of it, the first one doesn't look too right to me... Here's my ongoing project/challenge. I want to see someone make a real lifesize thunder gun. Doesn't have to shoot but has the removible ammo holder thinging that you take out and replace after every 2 or 4 shots. Please some make it!!!!!!

gassybeans (author)aleceatsfood2011-06-17

if we make it whats in it for us?

aleceatsfood (author)gassybeans2011-06-19

having an awesome knex thundergun....

gassybeans (author)aleceatsfood2011-06-19

true, but how about if we do that u have to make a winters howl gun?

aleceatsfood (author)gassybeans2011-06-19

hahaha i dont play five.... but anyways I dont play knex anymore..hehe but i would still build the thinder gun.... I'd make a drawing or something if u want

gassybeans (author)aleceatsfood2011-06-20

1. five is the best 2. fine

aleceatsfood (author)gassybeans2011-07-18

are you building it?!

gassybeans (author)aleceatsfood2011-07-19

yes.. its very hard so far.
ill probably post it soon.
but for now check out my five solo stratagy

aleceatsfood (author)gassybeans2011-07-19

sure and I guess Ill rate it 5* as well

gassybeans (author)aleceatsfood2011-07-19

ill have to buy more pieces to make it so it might be posted in a couple of weeks.

gassybeans (author)gassybeans2011-07-29

damn!! its the shooting mech and removable rounds that are hard! :(

LiftAndLove (author)gassybeans2011-12-29

dude, just make a case near the front that opens by a hinge, and just make a circular drum to fit in it. it cant be THAT hard.

aleceatsfood (author)gassybeans2011-07-31

doesnt have to shoot

knexjay (author)2011-07-31

I like it alot! BUt it could use some bulk around the center...

black ops (author)2011-07-13

plz check out my raygun

gassybeans (author)black ops2011-07-19

your ray guns sucks

lemonpickle (author)black ops2011-07-16


DontShoot262 (author)2011-03-30

Nice, This is the first WAW ray gun made out of knex i found.5*

Haw no, I made one before. It is annoying he posted an ible before me though
it is im my sneak preview of the L96A1

headshothoncho (author)2011-06-18

sorry but it isn't that great

its still better than yours

O/ mine is pretty dang right on scale, maybe a bit big, but all parts are right on scale relative to each other. than, look at your barrel comparing it with the sizes of the rest of it. now, see a good picture. you'll then see why mine was better

gassybeans (author)2011-06-19

umm... well 1. show more pictures 2. u cant clump 1 big thing together and expect people to build it and 3.THIS RAY GUN IS AWESOME!

eigthwarhero (author)2011-04-08

does it shoot?

lemonpickle (author)eigthwarhero2011-04-14

ya but not sure how good

Zombiekiller-93 (author)2011-04-05

I'm bulilding this

knexinventer (author)2011-03-26

dose it run on a d size battery? lol

Millawi Legend (author)2011-03-24

Haha this is really cool.

beanieostrich (author)2011-03-23

That is not a very bad gun at all. Looks like a Luger and a "thing" on the front. You get 4*

~KGB~ (author)2011-03-23

not bad at all =D

The Nomlack (author)2011-03-23

Cool! Looks prettty much the same as the one in cod.

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