Picture of knex RayGun

I like making knex guns its fun but some times is like nothing to build but the hard to build guns.
I built this because I like black opps so much especially the zombies mode.
the best gun is

                                                      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE RAYGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Front barrel

really simple
you should do 1 or both of these things, 1 you should make the ram rod. 2 you should mod the gun
I like the last 3 pics of it, the first one doesn't look too right to me... Here's my ongoing project/challenge. I want to see someone make a real lifesize thunder gun. Doesn't have to shoot but has the removible ammo holder thinging that you take out and replace after every 2 or 4 shots. Please some make it!!!!!!
if we make it whats in it for us?
having an awesome knex thundergun....
true, but how about if we do that u have to make a winters howl gun?
hahaha i dont play five.... but anyways I dont play knex anymore..hehe but i would still build the thinder gun.... I'd make a drawing or something if u want
1. five is the best 2. fine
are you building it?!
yes.. its very hard so far.
ill probably post it soon.
but for now check out my five solo stratagy
sure and I guess Ill rate it 5* as well
ill have to buy more pieces to make it so it might be posted in a couple of weeks.
damn!! its the shooting mech and removable rounds that are hard! :(
dude, just make a case near the front that opens by a hinge, and just make a circular drum to fit in it. it cant be THAT hard.
doesnt have to shoot
knexjay4 years ago
I like it alot! BUt it could use some bulk around the center...
black ops4 years ago
plz check out my raygun
your ray guns sucks
lemonpickle (author)  black ops4 years ago
Nice, This is the first WAW ray gun made out of knex i found.5*
Haw no, I made one before. It is annoying he posted an ible before me though
it is im my sneak preview of the L96A1
sorry but it isn't that great
lemonpickle (author)  headshothoncho4 years ago
its still better than yours
O/ mine is pretty dang right on scale, maybe a bit big, but all parts are right on scale relative to each other. than, look at your barrel comparing it with the sizes of the rest of it. now, see a good picture. you'll then see why mine was better
gassybeans4 years ago
umm... well 1. show more pictures 2. u cant clump 1 big thing together and expect people to build it and 3.THIS RAY GUN IS AWESOME!
does it shoot?
lemonpickle (author)  eigthwarhero4 years ago
ya but not sure how good
I'm bulilding this
dose it run on a d size battery? lol
Haha this is really cool.
That is not a very bad gun at all. Looks like a Luger and a "thing" on the front. You get 4*
~KGB~4 years ago
not bad at all =D
The Nomlack4 years ago
Cool! Looks prettty much the same as the one in cod.