Knex SS-V1




Introduction: Knex SS-V1

Hey just showing you my new SS-V1 it is a sling shot sniper as you can probably see it has a very sturdy frame and some optional attachments it is still in need of a trigger mechanism and hopefully works but it is generally based off the SR-V1 and the SR-V2 but is not as long as them so a good thing to some builders that do not have enough pieces to build those guns but can build mine.
Ask me for 10+ post requests and ill get it up soon
So Hope You Enjoy!!!!!!
Also alot of credit to KILLERK for his great gun!!!!!



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    hey guys just to tell u that i have now come up with a trigger mech so i will be able to post soon

    i have a bit of a problem now i got all these pics of my gun and lost them searchin through every sd card i had but no sign of them so sorryto the people who wanted me to post it and i havnt been makin that many weapons out knex any more but if anyone wants me to make a weapon ill be happy to just pm and ill get back to u

    - Robert

    This is the gun you sent me the message about I take it? XD Pretty sweet!

    How is it pretty sweet?

    Because unlike some, Aeronous, I do not set out to make people feel bad about their stuff. Because I have realised that the internet is not all about insulting others and their stuff, and that perhaps creativity should be encouraged. Let's face it, none of your stuff doesn't have a much better counterpart.

    so do u think its sweet or r u just sayin that

    No it's good, I think the aesthetics are the main drawback. Improve those and it'll be good! :)

    my brother told me wat aesthetics r and wat should i change or take off

    It's kinda hard to explain. Basically you know the barrel is made of that criss cross yellow connector structure? Well that kind of thing could be place where the foregrip is. Kinda like how the SRv1 is

    wat r aesthetics and if anyone says "wat u dont know wat aesthetics are", well i dont because im only 11