Hey guys, this is my knex scar-l.

-internal mag pusher
-mag release
-top rails
-retractable stock with 3 fixed positions
-real scar-l iron sights
-looks like a real scar-l!
-true trigger

-sometimes bullet gets stuck in the barrel
if u like this, plz follow me and i will post more guns

enjoy and have fun building this! feel free to make suggestions of how to improve my gun.
rate 5* plz!

Its good, but there are VERY well made retractable stocks, someone has already made a retractable folding stock, it was cool. But other than that, keep it up!<br><br>SW~
Like who <br>
Knexmad and Rec0n made retractable stocks. One of those two also folds
So did the Racker.
I like the overal looks of it, but I <em>love </em>the ironsights for some reason...
Best one out there
I had made a version 2 of this scar l with better looks and performance. Also plz check out my m4 I made
I want it
Stay in tune for a new m4 that will blow your minds
puddock, is that a good thing?<br>
use the reply button
The gun looks just a little sloppy in looks, but other than that, it has some cool features.
Yes...<br>YES...<br>OH YES...<br>OH YESSSSS...<br>'Yes'
im also making the front barrel longer so it doesnt look crappy
im making the mag more curvable and the stock less sloppy

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