Its a strong knex sniper it can be varyed to POWER which depends on you rubber band my one is very powerful its a good gun and i will post it fully if you comment and i would like to here what i could do to it and also send me PICTURES of knex gun sights because i do not have one on at the moment and i want a good design the butt is very strong and comfy :) look T a liban smilie @:) hehe no offence well i would love to see comments and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE

Step 1: Knex Sniper-BUTT

Step 2: Knex Sniper-BIPOD

Step 3: Knex Sniper-HANDLE

Step 4: Knex Sniper-BARREL

Step 5: Knex Sniper-BULLET

Step 6: Knex Sniper-TRIGGER I ALWAYS USE


Give a general description of the StepMENT AND RATE EVERY1 AND subscribe TO ME
Why is there a motor on the stock?
This dosent bear much resemblance to a sniper mate<br>
I'm starting to get real mad... Is there ANY ACCEPTABLE GUN THAT IS LIKE 50 PIECES???? (20+ feet) I am absolutely tired of seeing these huge monster guns that i don't even have 1/4 the pieces to build... And I'm not getting any more Knex. Costs way too much.
omg are u poor im not tryin to be a jerk but 400 knex for $20 omg billgates cant even afford 20 bucks
wait one second... 20 BUCKS?????? FOR 400 PIECES???? WHERE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Anywhere... walmart.
but a few years ago i got a ferris wheel like $70 like 100 pieces... $20 for 400 pieces? are you absolutely sure?
go on ebay or knex.com to get pieces bulk for cheap!!
Positive :)
ya dont get the sets just get those value tubs there a good deal
i get my knex of ebay!!! lol seriously.... once i got 8 boxes full for only &pound;40 and now my room is full with knex :)
https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Hornet/ <br>looks like it may be powerful and its got a pretty low piece comsumption by the looks of it
try this <br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/very-powerful-knex-hand-gun./<br><br>i ait tryed it... but if not message me and ill try and make my own... ive made alot of decent small guns in the past but im only going to post one when i can get it to shoot 200ft+
Dude, if u go to the Knex website, go to Shop, then sub-section Parts &amp; Extras, you can get a custom order of knex, without those stupid micro knex that comes in it
oh cmon there has to be at least a few...
you could probably make a block trigger gun
**** no! block triggers suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have never seen ONE good blok trigger... i need something that can shoot 20 feet accurately!
It's called a STOCK
Hey look my trigger... Don't see credit to me mentioned anyway though... Kinda like your modded Uzi then...
Ye ofcourse it's single shot coz after 1 shot it would break:)
thats called a monopod coz only 1 part touches the ground
Hey, I have a question for the community. I have a crap load of yellow connectors, a crap load of yellow, red, blue, and white rods. A good amount of greed rods, and a pretty good amount of everything else. I dont have to many spacers though. My question is do you think I should make this one? Im basically trying to find a strong,very accurate gun. An added bonus is if it loads fast. Any suggestions?
sr-v2 if ur not botherd usin a slingshot sniper/rifle
my bullet kept falling out of the&nbsp; barrel aghhhhhhh<br />
cool gun looks sweet cant wait to make it but.. oh.. wait.. the pics are terrible!! please fix that but i still will make the weapon.&nbsp; (i..think)
the point of the motor in the stock is.....
its not monopod this has 2 legs m8 not 1 single
im going to get technical with ya, if you want to make a bi-pod, you need two SEPERATE legs, they cant be connected like they are here, and since they are, that makes this a monopod
For the first time I've seen, I think you're right.<br />
i am right, bi- is a term that means 2, mono- means 1, pod- means leg, so mono-pod=1 leg, bi-pod=2 legs
do u have to have the moter<br />
maybe you coud strip it down so we could actually build it?
how far can yours shoot
well i like your gun a bit but the instructions (sorry) suck.<br/>you only made some pictures and posted them. these arent step by step.<br/>well 2.0* is a little low, so i wouldnt rate it.<br/>
I give it 1 star for having pictures
its not a bi-pod its a monopod
this is your second best gun. Design looks ok, needs a new bipod.
whats my first let me guess MY modded UZI
yeah. that.
thanks for saying that i asked my friend who made a barret 50 .cal and hes going to show me how by sending me his instructable
Pics of the M107?
what you mean the M1O7 pics do you think it looks a-like
... Research... A Barret 50 cal is an m107...
Pretty good :) but i think you should bulk it up some more
check out my new gun m8 i made it bulky so i hope ya like more LOL
what you mean by bulk
for example you could add a bigger stock or you could add something in that gap by the trigger

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