1 word: WOW
This is the best ever...
question, how the heck is this related to https://www.instructables.com/answers/whats-a-good-knex-gun-with-a-magazineclip/
.5*s because there is nothing there.
i cant see it
<strong>What should be my next knex project it has to be a knex replica of a real gun (preferably from mw 2 or BFBC2)</strong><br />
you should make a missle launcher or a knex berreta
holy moly! obama should see this!
epic!! <br>
best slideshow ever !!
there s no picture T_T
Hmm thats kinda cheating is it not? its just a bb gun with knex built around it, if you took that into a airsoft/bb war people would laught at it.<br />
lol this must be a rlly good picture if u think that! its actually just my knex gun on top of my airsoft gun<br />
HAHAHAHAHA So it is lol i just realized it was sitting on the top lol, its very convincing.<br />
lol this guns been discontinued though it was murdered by rofl 495 for green rod harvest<br />
Cool! But maybe next time you build a&nbsp;replica, try building a gun that hasn't been build before; we have lots and lots af knex AK's. 4.0 stars.
Yea, but we only have like 2 good ones. And this one is more along the lines of a 74 (I know its not) <br />
<p>But we don't have any MP7's&nbsp;or Skorpions,&nbsp;for example. That disappoints me.</p>
i just built cuz i had something to look at to make it accurate
I see.
You know, your airsoft AK&nbsp;isn't cool with the orange thing at the front.<br /> Buy some graffity spray and make it black.<br /> Your airsoft AK is also very small...
i know but its like heavier than it looks its like 5 lbs
I live in the Netherlands so I don't know how much that is, but lil' guns kinda suck if you can buy better...
5 lbs = about 2.25 kg <br /> <br /> I didn't really do the math but its somewhere around there.<br /> <br /> Also on the orange tip its illegal to cover it up or spray paint it in the United States.<br />
the back is the same size as a real ak the only that is a different size is the fore grip<br />
Thats illegal.<br />
Nice Airsoft Gun lolz.
i think my back sights(or maybe the upper receiver) might be defective cuz the sights are off center
you should get like a red dot or something
i wanted to get a foregrip but theyre always either crappy or expensive
<p>oh. that sucks.</p>
btw, its avtomat kalashnikova 1947 lolz!<br />
it cuz this is the spetsnaz version of the original. The spetsnaz are like a special army group in Russia i Think
They're the Russian version of the Secret Service in the U.S., basically.<br />
ok, lol<br />
looks good!
&nbsp;cool! nice job! im glad i subscribed!
lol didnt recognize you with ur new emblem dog thing...
&nbsp;Haha! LOL. check out my page, look at the other avatars for me. choose which one you like most
nice! keep going!&nbsp;lol<br />

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