This is a knex gatling gun that I built and is very easy to build and does not take very many pieces. It has 8 barrels and shoots about 10-20 feet which is not that great but has a rate of fire of about 8 every one or two seconds. It is not hand held so there fore does not really have a true trigger but to fire all you do is push a lever down. it takes about 30 or 40 seconds to load 8 yellow rods. This is my first Instructable so i am open to any criticism.

Hope you like it lets start building!

Step 1: Create the Barrels

in this step you will create the barrels
that was a waist of my time >.> no offence
yay a gatling gun that wont take up all my pieces :D
yup that kinda why i built it
Kindof basic, but neat I guess.
yah hey i build this a long time ago and am advancing to bigger better stuff and i kinda thinnk this sucks so yah, hey and should i make instructions for a sniper that usees killerk's barrel but Viccie.B1993 trigger?
Oooo yeah, its great. I'm gonna start work on it soon.

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