Knex X-BOX 360 Stand




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Introduction: Knex X-BOX 360 Stand

A stand for your 360 made of knex. Holds your console, game informers or other magazines, 1-3 controllers, and games (can be modded to your amount) not the best pictures but it will have to do for now



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    i admit, this is pretty sick looking. BUT, i hope you plan on getting the RROD soon... you have everything above the xbox and you are blocking off a majority of its breathing room. This thing is gonna get HOT sitting in there.

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    why not s wap them a round put the x box in the magazine slot lol

    nothing bad happend to my xbox it never over heated or anything and for some reason every time i get the rrod it just goes away after like 5 mins

    the rrod is probably overheating 2 segments

    the instructable is posted check it out

    Sweet! But if you post, please take better pics.

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    yea i planed on it i took the pictures real quick when i make the instructions ill make shure the pictures are much better

    Sweeeet! XD

    We have the same amount of controllers. Make sure to post this soon.