This is my ak47 made out of knex I've used the body from this website http://knexinstructions.weebly.com/ak-47.html and I touched it up a little this is my first post  the acog scope is not mine so here is the link give credit to him https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-ACOG-MkII/ and the greade launcher is not mine either heres the site aswell https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-grenade-launcher/

Step 1:

Works awesome awesome got to love dat scope

Step 2:

greade launcher just for the looks

Step 3:

I have a psn but i aint just gona give it to ya send me a message then we will talk, I've made a ps3 controller docking station that can hold  three controllers and one or two games
This could use some work, it would probably help to fix the quality of the images (try turning down the exposure time on your camera, or shoot in a darker setting.) I would also recommend taking a look at other peoples designs, that would help you come up with ideas for your own. Also (for the Instructable,) <a href="https://www.instructables.com/" rel="nofollow">try putting things in hyperlinks</a>, as it makes your Instructable look a lot better (nobody likes seeing &quot;dead&quot; links just floating around.)
Sorry I haven't been on in months lol too busy but im going to start once again and I have some new stuff I'm posting today<br>
No. Just no. Not. Even. Close.........<br><br>
Dude your just jelious this is my first gun dude so don't be a flipen nag
Hahahaha, your such a troll. I have made accurate looking models. You just can't face the truth that this gun is terrible. It would also help if you used proper grammar while you trolling towards me.
U probably didn't even look at the thing zoomed in

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