my new knex rifle!
i love this gun because its powerful and accurate.

-shoot's red rods
-good looking
-working sight
-range over 90 feet
-shoot trough a cardboard

-difficult to pull the ram back
-it's not bolt action

-knexfreek for his AWESOME tigger
- a friend named gijs(dutch name)

yor rifle looks great
tutorial please
Built in 1935 but used in WWI and WWII, WWI was 1914-1918 and the japanese weren't involved in WWI<br />
are you a damn history teacher?
No, I'm just not stupid or a stalker.<br />
&nbsp;oops<br /> <br />
i like it!<br />
Doesn't really look like the gun you were modeling it after.&nbsp; Other than that looks cool. &nbsp;I don't believe your 90 foot range btw.<br />
&nbsp;it does. with angle... and alot of wind... and luck
sWEET! are you going to make that a removable mag?<br /> 5strs xD<br />
AWESOME<br /> <br /> 5* !<br /> <br /> you like knexfreeks trigger dont you<br />
&nbsp;looks awesome!
Realy cool!&nbsp; Post it?
&nbsp;yes maybe in the weekend<br /> <br />
OH! Realy cool!<br /> Heel erg mooI!

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