its posted!!!
my new rifle!!
it is a replica of the arisaka type 38 bolt action rifle.

this is my first replica so please dont be too hard.

-red rod shooting
-good looking
-working sights
-range over 90 feet
-shoots trough a cardboard

-not bolt action
-uses lots of tape
-one cut part

-knexfreek for his awesome trigger
let's get started!!

Step 1: Handle


Step 2: Stock

2\3 close up
6:attach other layer

Step 3: Mag and Body

 1\2: make
6\7 attach
8:attach other layer
9:attach the last layer
16:more tape
17:put in white rods
18:more rods
19: attach stock

Step 4: Bayonet and Sights

2: attach
3:put it in and some rods
5:more tape
6:put it in

Step 5: Ram, Mag Pusher and Rubberbands

4:more tape
5:put it in

Step 6: YOUR DONE!!!!


whaha, die naam!!! ik weet dat je ned. bent dus drm praat ik ook maar ned.<br>dit geweer is serieus de bom!! dat laatste rode stokje ging er gwn doorheen :O
over die naam, de arisaka was een echt geweer. Type 99 arisaka, japans bolt-action geweer uit WOII
de naam schijnt verkeerd uitgesproken te worden, en zelfs in games verkeerd neer gezet te worden, het schijnt: &quot;Ariska&quot; te zijn
dankje... ik heb hem al een paar keer verbeterd, dus bij doet hij het nog beter.
<em><strong>hey dude reply plzz im still wating and its bean ages and still no reply =(</strong></em>
sorry but i don't have the gun anymore and can't help you...
hey i built it and moded it so its only 3 layers thik not 4 as in the instructions and it better but the thing is every time i put more than 1 bullet in it seems that the ram rod pulls the last rod up to the triger and cases a jam plz help
owjaa vergetuh: 5*
oh and btw, i modded it and it now has a folding bayonet!
just finished it. had problems with range, so i upped the power to the extreme. it broke part of the trigger mech. oops! anyway, i botched the trigger mech and it will now never break again, and i worked out the technique to loading and firing the gun to stop those awkward moments when the rod doesn't even get out of the gun, and u get a pileup.
anyways, it looks more like a carbine of some sort like a Mosin Nagant '41 Carbine with the folding bayonet.
robust and sturdy, unlike most other super complicated knex guns. i say super complicated because it uses a lot of parts. this is not a bad thing, howevar.
do you mind if i use your firing mech to make a similar mech for a gun im trying to make?
no i don't mind<br><br>when you are finished with it i like to see it.
thanks :L its slightly different to what i expected all i have to do is the stock , but im runnin out of pieces :S
im all finished, but the mags kinda stuffed cos i have no idea how to build them into the gun :S, all i need is photos :)
how many green rods does this use <br>
the whole thing?<br>
just the rifle and bayonet <br>
about 255
this is the coolest gun ever. thank matsermetsuiker
thank you alot!!
It would look a lot smoother if you made that red connector on the bayonet a green connector instead.
yeah, i think i gonna change that thing. thanks!
I didn't even see that image note until you left the comment, did you leave it before or after i posted my comment? And you are welcome.
i did before
omg dramtic music= humm FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol joke
How many bendy blue rods?<br /> <br /> Ive only got one<br />
ill use an orange one as the sight<br />
2 but one is for the sight
wheres the broken piece (pic and step)&nbsp; and what is it??<br /> <br /> If you tell me i might make!!<br />
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-arisaka-rifle/step3/mag-and-body/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/knex-arisaka-rifle/step3/mag-and-body/</a>&nbsp;its the body rail&nbsp;
lol<br /> <br /> ive got that broken piece from banding a gun to much and it snapped those bits off<br /> <br /> LOL<br />
&nbsp;me too. lol:):D
i might make it soon<br /> <br /> epic face<br />
epic face...<br />
&nbsp;lolo<br /> <br />
ya.<br />
1.I like the gun.<br /> 2.I like the bayonet attach-way thing...<br /> 3.I like your sights.<br /> 4.I&nbsp;LOVE&nbsp;THAT&nbsp;ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!!
&nbsp;thanks!<br /> <br />
... This thing is BOSS!
i swear this is just ur rifle<br />

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