This is the second installment of my knex armoury. This is better than my first one as most of the guns are mine, and not just copies. Only two of the guns are'nt mine, theDunkis Ump-45, and dutchwarlords Tar-21. I am also working on a full spartan suit that I will post a slideshow of in november or december.
Cool dager
I have enough Knex to make 2 big weapons like Tr8
Do you mean the TR18? TR8 is too easy for many knexers.
I want to see the pistols
sweet g36c well done ;)
thannks. :) <br>
The HK G36C is my favorite gun. Looks great too. Also, I have a question. Were do you and others get all thoses Knex(know any cheap ways)?
Thanks, I got most of my knex off of eBay, you just have to go on for 5 minutes every few days to see what's on there, some people sell large amounts off quite cheap :)
Nice flamethrower. <br>
cheers <br>
thanks. <br>
only the p90 fails.
there is no p90
what else is that thing in picture 12??
its a chain saw, it looks nothing like a p90
LOL. <br>
that small dagger / knife on picture 8 is quite good. :) And i wouldn't like to be the army that is against you.
thanks. <br>
make the flame thrower work for real and then get back to me <br>
its a pity I dont have a huge amount of gas i could use, or I would
well i see youve improved alot!
no prob
Sweet! I envy the amount of K'nex you have... You should post the Sniper and the Kriss Super V. And does the Sniper have a low piece count? Oh, and do they shoot, or are they models?
does the sniper look like it has a low piece count? The kriss super V is long gone, and no they dont fire

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