K'nex Assault Rifle Improved!!!





Introduction: K'nex Assault Rifle Improved!!!

this is an improved version of many of the assault rifles you have probably already seen, like fausts.

Step 1: Lets Start With the Middle Section of the Rifle...

for the barrel, we will start with the middle section, it will be much easier when you attach the sides.

Step 2: Sides

now we will make the sides. you are making 2 identical sides. the dots on the pictures should line up as you build the sides onto the middle section. (there are white bars('dots') going through the sides that hook the sides to the middle)

Step 3: Trigger System

for the trigger system, the straight connector (theres 2) is inbetween the two side pieces, and on the outside of the stopper (the 3-slot connecter with the single-slot connect attached to it)

Step 4: Firing Pin

the firing pin is used to hit the ammo inside the gun (i recommend red rods for ammo) it will be fired using rubber bands. if you used glue on the trigger system, you can use more, stronger rubber bands for more distance.

Step 5: Attach Trigger to Rifle

for this part yo will connect the trigger to the rifle. the stopper should touch the middle section and be inbetween the two side halves. you will need to put rubber bands on this part so there is pressure holding it down so it stops the firing pin until you pull the trigger.

Step 6: Attach Firing Pin to Rifle

this is pretty simple. you pull the trigger and hold it, slide in the pin. you can then let go of the trigger and put on your rubber bands. i put on some bars alough the top with the little short connectors with the pin sticking out of them (used mostly to hold wheels and things) so the firing pin and ammo don't fall out. (don't put then too far back, or it stops the top of the firing pin!!)

Step 7: Finish

here is what it should look like when you are done. the last one is after you have cocked the rifle and it is ready to fire!



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i cant figure this out

better and more photos please!!!

Nice mod! My username has been changed to "crestind," so modify your Instructable accordingly :P

no, for k'nex it would be called semi-auto...

no it was called a single shot.

Full-auto=Fires multiple shots with one trigger pull.

Semi-Auto=Fires one shot every time trigger is pulled without having to do anything else.

Single shot= You have to cock the gun then shoot, then cock it a gain, then shoot, etc...

fausts AST rifle is a Single shot, but it is also rapid fire because it has a magazine.

dude i know that!!!!! thats y i said that it was not semi-auto.

I know, I was just explaining to everyone what these guns are because it pisses me off when I see people calling their guns semi-auto just cause it has a mag.

I think these people have every right to post what they want to. If you don't like it then stay off this website. Its simple. Common Sense.

to make it full auto you would require a high torque motor, or otherwise it would be too slow, and easier to just cock it. unless you make one of the chain guns, you aren't going to find a k'nex gun that is full auto. or cocks itself